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Veronica's Log [Non-inflammatory acne]

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Update: I have posted my 5 week pics in my personal gallery. They include close ups and are more revealing than the pics w/ makeup above. I think you can view them in the Member gallery or in my profile. I tried to post them here for easy access but it says I'm using more space than my quota. The pics show no inflammatory acne but lots of clogged pores. The red bumps that are visible are scars from old acne. Oh and the chin one is particularly gross :-P lol

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Heyyy pretty girl :wub:

Your skin looks almost identical to mine, its the inflammatory acne that is kept at bay - the clogged pores/blackheads are my nightmare...

I think you'll like the Paula's Choice BHA - it takes a month or so to really see results but at least its not like a retinoid that purges your skin entirely...which I will get to in a second.

Not only does the BHA help rid of blackheads but it also brings all the crap to the surface and loosens the plug so they can easily be extracted without hardly any pressure. Every couple of days I find a couple more I attack and the stuff slides right out (god that sounds entirely sickening doesnt it? :sick: ) but the nice part is, those pores dont close right back up like they would had you not been treating them with a BHA. I used to get so frustrated with my skin that I would squeeze my pores so badly that I would have redmarks for days afterwards from all the squeezing. I know, bad idea...but I learned my lesson and I think you'll find that with the BHA it will help immensely.

Now - onto the retinoid (green cream)...I hear a lot about this stuff and am very interested in trying it!! The only reason I've held off is to try the BHA first and see how well it does before adding more stuff to my routine, in case something made my skin worse I need to be able to pinpoint what caused it. I dont know if you know this - but green cream will probably make your skin worse for a while, before it gets better. It brings eeeeeeverything to the surface..which is good in the long run but not so much if you dont wanna sufffer thru the initial breakout :redface: thats largely why I am hesitant. The price is no matter, I mean if something works than its - in my eyes - priceless quite literally. To have clear skin that can be inspected UP CLOSE without feeling like a dirty nasty pimply freak is a dream I find myself lost in all the time...

So...lets support eachother here - we both seem tohave the same dilemma!! That actually kind of makes me feel better, since a lot of others on here have different types of acne than us and its hard to relate at this point because we dont need something more for the inflammatory issues.

So what do you say, V? Are ya with me? :D

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Hey hun! :)

Aww, I feel bad, I haven't even signed onto my log in like 2 weeks because I've been so insanely bogged down w/ school $h!t!! Yay!! I'm so happy to have a friend in the fight! :comfort: I'm sorry it's taken me sooo long to respond, but the good news is that I actually have some progress to report :boogie: I actually got my Green Cream order 1st since PC unfortunately takes so long to ship. And even though I think you're probably 100% right about not starting 2 new products at one time, I absolutely could not help myself so I started using it, lol. That was about 10 days ago. Then I got my PC order and started using the BHA twice a day about 5 days ago. I haven't seen any *drastic* results yet as far as the purging of my pores, BUT I swear to god my whole skin tone is evening out and my face is less greasy and just all-around brighter! It's not a total turnaround yet but it's a noticeable start. I think it must be the effect of the GC because the BHA hasn't had time to work yet. Still, I'm pretty impressed because this is by far the most stressful time of year for me and yet my skin is resilient :dance:

With starting the 2 products together, I have had a couple minor irritations--I've had some really, really light peeling (the green cream pamphlet warns that it's common), and I've had a few slightly sore bumps under my skin. I think they're zits, but they're not coming to the surface. They all went away within about 2 days. I think it was just a mini-skin-rebellion or something. Other than that, though, i've had no problem starting the 2 of them together. It's been WAY less difficult than starting BP was! So, if you wanna try GC I would say go for it. Since we are skin sisters and all :D your reaction might be similar.

Let me know how things are going with you!

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From looking at your pictures at full res, you don't know the definition of bad skin. It's obvious that you're pretty.

You see, I was handsome before my issues with blackheads. Now it's hard for people to even make eye contact with me.

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