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Hello All,

I've tried Smoothbeam on a few raised scars and it doesn't seem to have helped. Granted, I've only had 2 SB sessions to date, but I fear I may be wasting my money! For those who have raisedd scars (I think it's called hypertrophic scar), what do you use that has helped? I have tried those silicone sheets sold in the pharmacy but they didn't do anything for me. I've also tried Mederma which didn't work either. I've had these scars for almost 10 years now! I've also tried CO2 laser on them but it didn't help plus the down time was aweful!

Can anyone suggest any other laser or technique which has proven to work to shave down the scar so that it's level with the surrounding skin? Thanks!

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If you look at the Candella website they have photo's of Vbeam and one scarring photo. The after photo seemed to lower the raised scar down. Might want to look into that?

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sickofscars: I wouldn't think that SmoothBeam would help raised scars.... I think that cortisone shots from your Dr. might be something that could work. Talk to your Derm about it.

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Oursfan - do you think this would work eventhough the scars are 10 years old? There's no cyst underneath it (I'm pretty sure). I've actually tried cortisone injections on a similar scar I had on my nose, 3 injections actually, and it never did a thing. That's why I elected to have the scar excised on my nose but it left a depression - a whole other nightmare. I have my doubts about cortisone doing anything - but thanks for your suggestion! maybe it's worth a try if it's covered by my insurance.

But I would still like feed back regarding ablative lasers. Thanks!

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I don't know if the age of the scars makes a difference or not.

To my knowledge ablative lasers tend to stimulate collagen, not repress it so that's why I don't think it's a good idea for raised scars.

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