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Dry Skin and Spot Problem

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OK i'm gettin dry skin a lot now, appears after i wash my face in the morning or when i rub my face in that area. Appears mainly on the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks (well basically everywhere now). How can i avoid this, would Nivea/Vaseline do the trick? I heard these may aggrevate spots tho?

I've also started to get many spots round by the sideburn area on both sides of my face, what could be causing this its not in the T zone or anything :S

Many thanks in advance to all help recieved

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I use Cetaphil moisturizer and havent had much of a problem with flaking. I really like it but some people dont. They say it makes their skin oily feeling but I havent experienced that either. Well, I take that back. It was oily for the first 3-4 days of using it but then it evened out and isnt a problem any more. Alot of people only moisturize in the dry zones so maybe you could try doing that.

Also it sounds like some exfoliation wouldnt hurt you either. I have seen alot of people having success with using a baby hair brush. It's ultra soft and wont irritate your skin. I used a battery operated toothbrush with ultra soft bristles to exfoliate until recently. I bought a fancy battery operated cleansing system with a soft brush that I use now. The Crest Spinbrush is only $7 but make sure you buy one with the ultra soft bristles. Lorrie

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try jojoba oil, you'd think itd be bad cause its an oil but it doesnt clog pores at all, a bottle lasts forever too cause you only use afew drops

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