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Hello all! Hope you are well, and that your skin isn't causing you too much grief :think:

It's been about 4 weeks now since I started taking oxytetracycline and adding differin into my regime. I have to say, I think there is a difference already, but I'm not going to jynx anything or get my hopes up!

My chin and jawline, for the first time since last september, have no cysts on them, just wee tiny whiteheads that are going in a day or so. My forehead (problem area!!!) is slowly calming down. It's not clean and clear and under control yet, but the cysts and lesions are slowly melting away. Yummy mental image for you!

It's like, although the medication hasn't cleared me yet, it's changing the type of spots I get. Like, making them super easy to pop (which is awful because it's so addictive!)

Well, let me know how antibiotics affected you! When (if ever) did you first stop breaking out in new zits?

Well, reply if you can.

Muchos Liebe

Walking City :hand:

PS: This little aside really belongs in the red mark forum, but using Bio-oil to treat the red marks, and aloe vera after-sun gel (after-sun cools the burn I get from differin) really works a treat on those stupid dark marks!

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Request some Finacea...screw Differin...

Finacea kills bacteria....gets rid of redness and makes your skin shed faster....but more importantly it's made for people with acne/rosacea...meaning it's made for redness and those inflamed red acne pimples....but by FAR the best thing about Finacea is that you can wear it in the day time, it goes on clear and disappears instantly, plus it doesn't dry your face out or irritate it...

i can't believe people aren't using Finacea..

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