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Guest yankeemix

what cleanser do you use?

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In the morning I use neutrogena extra gentle cleanser with a little bit of baking soda mixed in, just to get the lotion and BP gel off my face from the night before.

At night, I like to use a little stronger cleanser to get all the crud from the day off, so before I go to bed I use neutrogena oil-free acne wash.

if I need to wash my face any other time during the day (which i usually don't do, unless it is hot out and I am especially sweaty), I stick with the extra gentle cleanser, so I am not using the acne wash more than 1x per day.

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I used to use Neutrogena Deep Pore Cleanser, it's really good for OTC, can be used as cleanser or mask, but the doctor gave me Glades Benzyl peroxide wash, 5% and that seems to work better than Neutrogena, my face is almost clear, really... just a few cysts on my cheeks... at that time of the month, I get worse and nothing stops that, but it helps keep it under control. Good Luck!! :D

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I used to use regular soap, then face soaps, etc but started to notice these all made my face red. I then went with Cetaphil cleanser (i think for sensitive skin) and it was an improvement. My acne is WAY better and the redness has subsided :surprised: My latest regime with just wate (yes after all these, ive actually reverted back to the starting point!) has even managed to make the redness possibly almost all gone (i've become paranoid about the redness but its probably all gone). Then again maybe my acne has finally decided to leave

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You want something soap-free and PH balanced. Johnson's baby top-to-toe is therefore great.. funny, i've stopped using BP, and have just started using this instead (on my mild to mod face/body acne). I apply it with a wash-cloth, and though it's only been 9 days my skin feels so much smoother. It's like the fire's gone out of it and the spots are all drying up and dying (mwahaha). I think i was just overly irritating it before. Here's hoping this alone will clear me up! (damn cheap way of doing it if it does, woo!) Actually (why are they always right?).. my mother who always had prob skin like myself (what a gene to pass on)..discovered johnson's PH balanced washes (applyed with a super clean wash cloth) cleared up her acne and made her skin super smooth quite a few years ago, and has stuck to this simple regime ever since. Sure it wouldnt work for me, i've used every darn acne product under the sun (as well as BC), until now. If this works for me too.. lessen learnt, always listen to your elders! :naughty:

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Everybody is gonna hate me for this but I use proactiv. If your wedding is not till a month from now than use proactiv. Cause u won't see great results till like the 3rd week. Oh and use suncreen everytime u out in the sun.

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