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Allergic to BP?

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I've been using benzoyl peroxide on-and-off for almost a year now. I've interposed it with light treatments, salicylic acid, and a frighteningly powerful combination treatment of lactic acid (5%), salicylic acid (10%), and glycolic acid (50%). That final treatment regimen obliterated most of my acne, but it was doing so much damage to my skin -- drying it out, leaving raw patches -- that I spent a week or two just using various cleansers and washes, and then went back to BP 2.5%.

It maintained and improved the state of my face for a while, but for probably the past week my acne has remained the same, and I've been getting these terrible headaches. It's hard to focus on the work at hand, and I think that my writing -- I love to write -- in particular may be suffering. For example, I had to consult a dictionary to make sure that "interpose" was the proper word for the occasion above. I've been confusing homonyms more frequently before, and sometimes I'll just leave a sentence half-completed and move on to the next one.

Immediately after applying BP, I'll get this muzzing headache, and thought begins to take more effort. Throughout the day this headache lingers. Maybe I'm just using too much of it, and it's dehydrating me. Maybe it's not related to BP, and I have some kind of massive, malevolent tumor pulsing on my brain. (I do have a strange sort of birthmark/wart/nobody-really-knows on my head that's been there since I was born. It's a small protrusion of skin which has gone through stages of being bigger and smaller; right now it's flat against my head.)

Could all this be due to a BP allergy?

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