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Hello all my good side of my face is under siege, making me so depressed had a break out about 3 weeks ago, if you could take a look at the pics, I'm wondering whether it has developed into a cyst, there is a head on it, well about 3 heads, I don't want to pop it because I'm trying my very best to not let it scar, does it look like it'll scar bad?

I'm going to the doctors today and hopefully get some antibiotics for it, should I nuke it with bp?

Sorry for all the questions just really worried, my face is clear apart from the area in the pics







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I don't see any other scars on your face, so i don't think it will scar at at all. To most people scarring starts out of nowhere when every singe pimple (is it a small one or a huge cyst) starts to scar one day. The same happened to me, when I didin't worry abour scarring, I squeezed all my cysts and other pimples before. Until one day... And talking about acne, I think you should start a regimen that fits you after a short research on this site. Your acne looks mild to moderate to me. Go see a doctor he will help you.

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have you tried accutane? it saved my life. that pimple looks painful and no one should have to walk around feeling uncomfortable about thier appearence due to acne.

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