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Ok as some of you know I have pretty savage body acne and am on roaccutane for the third time to fix this. I'm lucky in a way that it is concentrated on my chest but I have to spend a long time covering my spots up befre i wear a low cut top or go swimming - i work in a pool so this is pretty regular, i don't bother just for trainig but pool parties i like to wear a bikini.

I currently use dermablend which worked well covering individual sports though it often makes my skin look slightly uneven. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can use to cover my acne up?

I have a medium/olive skin tone, my acne is diffcult to cover up as it is cystic, dry from roaccutane and dark. dermablend struggles with it. It would be nice if its waterproof but not essential.


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^ yep, they do. It's actually a pretty big bottle too, so even though it's like 20 odd pounds, it actually works out to be cheaper in the long run. I havent ever bought their body foundation, but I have tried a sample and I quite liked it. You're like me, with olive undertones, so if you were to go for it, you'd need to go for a "C" type colour, I dont think they have the "NC" range in the body formula, which would be better suited to us.

I'm not sure how much you're willing to spend, Kat, but everyday minerals is actually pretty cheap, and has really GOOD coverage, (ensuring that you apply it correctly and moisturise properly before you apply it). Here is their website. You can get some free samples, you'll only need to pay for the shipping, which is actually pretty cheap, seeing how the exchange rate works in our favour, lol. I'd give them a go, and the samples last for AGES. Seriously, I cant see them finishing anytime soon, lol. They have a couple of olive range colours that you may want to try. I'm using their olive fair, and it seems really good. :)

If you're not keen on buying something online and would prefer to buy something from a shop. Then you could try Maybellines everfresh range. I really like both their foundation and their concealer, and I think they cover pretty well, but I'm not sure about their waterproof abilities. I've never put it to the test! lol.

Laura Mercier oil free is really good too, but, I'm not sure if you'd want to spend £30 on a foundation.

Thing is, from my experience, body foundation and face makeup is pretty much the same, no difference. They just have a different marketing tactic. lol

Those are the best from my experience. Some girls here like the revlon range.

I hope that helps?! :)

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I know! you'd have thought they would have gotten their act together :hand:

Having said that... I havent checked their colours for a while... so they may have updated their colour range :think:

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