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i woke up this morning, stumbled out of my room and into the kitchen for coffee and a pack of smokes, and my roommate goes "dude! what the fuck is growing out of your face?"

i've got a new one brewin' on my cheek, and it's a doozie, but what kind of a question is that?

so i roundhouse kicked him harder than chuck norris, and then sent my team of ninja assassins to finish the job. true story. except for that last part. no one kicks harder than chuck norris. it put me in a shitty mood all day though. i just felt like ranting... and bragging about having a team of ninja assassins.

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Some people have no filter on their mouths.

Some guy at work said something very similar to me once...only being a girl I dont have a team of ninjas, rather PMS, and so I started crying when he left the room.

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You kicked your roommate?

Lol. well i guess if you were friends your aren't anymore :P

lol, no he actually used to be one of my soldiers. we abuse each other on a pretty regular basis. bad.

it's all love though. just some things you don't need to say. like 'what the fuck is that?!' what an asshole... i'm sending in my ninjas again.

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