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Glycolic Acid Peel

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ok i have done two obagi blue peels. 1 was a 3 layer and the other was a 4 layer. i been on obagi for a year with retin a i just wanted to know what kind of glycolic peel should i start on since i have done all those peels and used retin a for a long time my skin would probably need something strong to start off with.

I think seen in another thread exfoliation was the key to getting pih off and having that glow that i want.

yes i used periods.

and i am dark skinned person who wants to know what percentage i should start on.

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hi XThe God what results did you feel you got from the 2 obagi peels? i have also had two of these done. Do you find your skin thinner, gets red more easily? And a difference in pore size?



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The active ingredent in obagi blue peels is TCA.

So if you didnt have much success with that then glycolic peels would do very little for you.

Since TCA is much stronger than glycolic acid.

Unless all you want is a superficial peel. Then a light TCA would be better (10-15%)

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yes all i want is a superficial peel cause my derm said blue peels even though they say they are safe for black people to use is harmful to dark skinned people even though i did a 15% one which is light like u said. he said i should try something a little non aggressive like a glycolic peel or something to gently take it off. tca peels make it much worse with more hyperpigmentation after. so yeah

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