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has anyone got to the point where you've just really had enough of trying to treat acne?. I've tried many treatments over the years and the same thing seems to happen all the time, they work OK for about a month or two then wear off. I've just lost hope with treating it now. It's so boring and pointless when you know your never gonna get anywhere, and wasting half hour or more of your time everyday slapping on treatments for nothing.

At the moment all i'm doing is using 'paula's choice 2% salicylic gel' at night after i've showered, then using some mild cleansing face wipes in the morning. Been doing it for about 6 weeks now and it's pretty good compared to how my face was before but it just gets so annoying having to do the same routine everyday ya know?. I have no patience at all anymore lol. I'm actually thinking of stopping everything and just using plain old water and a mild cleanser. :wacko:

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yea when my acne goes crazy, i start using cleansers, blackhead scrubs, everything. however when it starts to die down i start to do nothing. then when it pops up again i go crazy again. It's horrible, I don't keep up with any regimen. Right now I'm just trying to exfoliate my skin.

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YES! I've been dealing with it for like 13 years now, so i'm definately bored and tired with it. =(

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