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Someone help me with a quick question...before tomorrow!

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Ok so my derm gave me Finacea because my face gets a little red from time to time..and my cheeks were red for no apparent reason. I was not said to have rosacea...but so far my redness on my cheeks is dramatically fading...

Well my problem now is i just started work..so upon 8 hours of school...i'm going to start 8 more hours of work...and well..my face will get a lot worse if i don't figure something out.

Well i can't use my Benzaclin..simply because it's too drying for my day moisturizer..the only moisturizer that can combat benzaclin's drying effects is my nighttime moisturizer....but it's way too greasy and cakey looking...

so that leaves me to Finacea...i've read it'll help get rid of redness and acne...apparently it's a naturally occurring acid that sheds skin faster or something...anyways when i apply it..it really seems to disappear ....but can i put on Finacea and then 15 min later apply Clean and Clear Shine control moisturizer?

Will it be a bad mixture? or will it not work? I wouldn't think it'd effect it..but i just don't want to put on Finacea and then a moisturizer on top of that and leave the house, only to find out big mistake and i'm not even at home to fix it.

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yeah, you can use finacea then moisturize.

YAY thank you...

i've finally found something i can wear in the daytime that isn't drying..and will actually work in multiple ways....

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