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Time for me to log it up.... I have had acne since 8th grade summer.... I was soon months later put on anti-biotics, and ive basically tried everything on the market, including accutane... I am now in my senior year of highschool and honestly im sick of acne, and i really must thank dan and everyone who made this website possible, god knows where id be without it.

I have never realized how harsh i was being to my skin, i guess thats y im here in the first place... Well, heres my new regimen


1. Lukewarm water and Olay face wash made for combination skin w/ witch hazel


1. Shower and Olay face wash made for oily\combination skin w/ witch hazel

2. Put a thin layer of 100% vitamin E oil all over face

3. Apply FOTE aloe vera on top


1. Vitamin e pil

2. B-complex

3. Multi

4. Fish oil

I must say this routine has really made my face look healthy, my whole face used to be red, now its just in certain areas where acne remains. Ive been doing this for about 3 days. Also i am stopping partying, maybe i will a little bit but i wont overdue it with the substances.... Ya know

Also i have pics but not on this computer.... Once my skin clears up i will post the outcome

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I just found this old st. ives mineral clay masque and i decided to use it.......... my face felt sooo soo clean after 1 usuage and my skin looks healthier too.... Im gonna add this to my regimen, ill update tommorow after school.....

Another thing, i am very very picky... Any big whiteheads i have to squeeze, but i immediately put on peroxide and neosporin.... I know its prolly better if i stop but i really cannot walk around all day with huge zits on my face...

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I'm actually going to use the Olay w/ witch hazel both mournings and nights until my skin is lession free.... Then i will switch to a sensitive skin formula..... Just to update i actually only woke up with 1 huge whitehead thats under the skin, but other than that everything has been the same

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Barely getting any new whiteheads!!!!!!! And lemme tell you, it feels damm good, i probably have only 5 active pimples, everything else is just pink and red looking, it does look like i have some scarring though :doubt: But ill keep you guys updated

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