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Accutane and punch excision

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I was on a 5 month round of Accutane when I was 16 (21 now.) It cleared up all my cystic acne and only left one scar on the side of my nose which has faded considerably.

Now I have the problem of very oily skin, my face glistens after only an hour or two after washing. So I talked to my dermatologist and I pretty much already knew the only way to "destroy" excess oil glands is by taking Accutane, in turn it will also help/stop this annoying blackhead problem on my nose as well.

He said a two month cycle of Accutane should dry my skin up to normal levels. After the aggrivating process of having it filled I have 2 months worth of Accutane sitting in my bathroom...but....

A few weeks ago a blackhead (of all things) decided to leave a new scar on my nose, then another scar happend above it. Both are considered ice pick scars. Along with another I have on my cheek bone.

The doctor told me he could perform a local biopsy or a "punch excision" on the 3, for something about $200+ does that sound normal pricing?

I read recently that most physicians wont do any type of surgery on a patient whos been on Accutane for atleast 6-12 months after their medication ends. And that after taking Accutane and having a pucnch excision done, your chances for the scar to worsen are higher.

The office is slow to respond to my calls, and Im wondering if anyone here has been in this situation? Should I take the Accutane first, wait the 6-12 month period after my accutane is over, then take the increased chances of an even worse scar due to the punch excision?

or do the punch excision first, heal...then start accutane?

Any experiences or info is appreciated.

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i've been refusing accutane for a few years now...(they dish it so freely here!) im hoping my second time on mino and good health will clear this present breakout as it is scar treatment i want right now i've had many (shallow and few deep) for years now which is why i'm holding off doing 'tane, even when i have clear skin my life is on hold because of these scars.

you sound like your scarring is minimal (i'm not saying that it's easier to deal with) so you must think what do you want more. can you live with these scars for another 12-18 months? what do you hate them most about your skin? can you live with oily skin and b/heads (which not many notice) while you fix your scars and then do the accutane and reduce oil with scar-free skin (well not quite free but you've done your h/work probably)

I've decided to do my best to clear up this bout of acne (i've been clear before) and do all the scar treatments i need then if my skin gets bad again (which after 6 years and several antibiotics im guessing it will unless *miracle* i 'grow out of it) i will do the accutane once and for all.

i have big oil issues...im currently taking b5 as it is said to help perhaps this could help you, and lemon juice for blackheads. too soon to report though! but maybe you could find alternate methods for these problems while you get some scar revision going?

hope this was of some use! best of luck and i urge others to give their view, maybe some with 'tane experience!


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