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Just Short Of 2 Months Off Accutane

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It is very true that when you've got clear skin you don't seem to visit this site much at all (Well I still visit, but don't post so often)

..Until now,

On Sunday night & felt quite a big lump under the skin on my left cheek (always been my worst side). On Monday morning i awoke & it was red & sore... It's Tuesday & it's still the same as what it was yesterday.. I've been putting 'Dalacin T Topical Lotion' (Which i got from my derm) on the spot, 3 times a day since yesterday. My Mum told it that it's shrunk down but i myself can't see a bit of bloody difference..

It just hurts & is a bit red. There's also no yellow head on it.. Could it be a Cyst? when i put some light pressure on the side of it something raises in the middle of it, I'm not sure what to do? I had one of these quite the same at the start of March which I posted about, That went & I didn't get any yellow puss out of it..

I'm not sure, will it just go away on it's own if i leave it well alone?

Maybe it's an ingrown hair? I dunno..

Do you think maybe my spots are coming back again? so soon, i mean ive nothing else on my face apart from this bugger!

Anyone have any advice?

Thanks :)

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I don't know what it is, but i classify my cysts as big squishy things...lol.. i've got one on my left side of my face right now. hurts like hell. i can't sleep on it..... its actually about a quarter in diameter, by one length, and a dime or nickel the other way...

home remedy option, if it it a cyst, or some kind of pimple etc.... turmeric spice and coconut oil.. mix them together, so its like a paste type of thing, and put it on it.. make sure you get a lot of the spice on your face... .. and if you want, put a band aid over it, and go to sleep or something... and i guarantee you it will have reduced in size over night... (that is if it IS a cyst..).. though word of warning... the concoction WILL stain.. so use old clothes or something... and uh.. it'll make ur skin yellowish too..

or, if your not allergic to it, you could always try sulfur or something... i think in like walgreens theres this like homeopathic thing with like 1% sulfur, that helps too...

best of luck!

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Humm, I havn't actually tried to pop it at all, i only yesterday put some light pressure onto it to see if there was anything inside of it..

Do you maybe think that when the spot dies down it won't leave a red mark since it hasn't been popped? & the redness that's just there now is because it has been sore..

you only get a blemish if you pop it right? & break the skin??!? O_O

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honestly, i can't say... but if thats true, that you won't get a blemish, my face missed the memo... and i mean seriously... every old pimple, cyst or whatever, that I've ever gotten, has marked its territory on my face... I'm completely red all over, with only very very very few white "roads" in between. only my temples, partial forehead and around the eyes, and a bit around my mouth, are white...

the only thing that i've ever tried that succeeded in reducing the stupid cysts, was the turmeric spice and coconut oil, and sulfur... ... other than that, my derm has some kind of steroid thing that she's used on me twice.. and that thing works miracles... on a rather large, kinda painful cyst on the side of my face, within 30 minutes, it was MORE THAN 1/2 its size.. and by that evening.. i had completely forgotten about it and slept like a baby on that side...

btw, do derm's charge for an "emergency" visit or something.. this thing is getting REALLY rather annoying now, i can't open my mouth wide enough to stuff a good-sized bit in to eat :(

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You will probably be left with a mark, regardless of whether you pop it or not. The difference is that it probably won't be as nasty or take as long to heal.

As for the steroid thing you're talking about, that's the cortisone shot I suggested. Cortisone is a corticosteroid. I got my one and only injection when I woke up one morning, saw a huge monster on my face, and called around until I found a derm with an opening that day.

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its not cortisone though, I specifically asked her... trust me, i've had about 3 or 4 cortisone shots to the one of my forehead, plus the shot on my chin... and this one was FAR less painful, i barely screamed at all

all i know is that is some sort of steroid and I love that it was invented... I just wish I could get my hands on it without making an appt. first or something.... this thing is huge, and way out of control now.... sucks to be me... :/

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