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Hi guys, I thought today would be the day to share my experience with acne with this online community. So I'll try to make the story short and to the point. It goes something like this.

Freshmen year of high school my friend and I were sitting in biology class under florescent lights and he mentions how my forehead starting to look bumpy. At the time, I kind of ignored it and continued throughout the day. However, looking back I can say this is when my 5 year tragic experience began.

I do not know how soon after this comment I began to take action, but I can say within couple months. I began using this real cheap 10percent bp from the local store. I asked my dad to buy me a tube so I can cure my "bumpy" forehead. This is the only place I had acne at the time. After my dad bought this bp, I was quick to smear it all over my forehead. Once again, huge mistake I would never make again. As a 14 year old or freshmen year in high school, my logic was "the more the better". So I figured completely covering my whole forehead in Bp would clean everything up. Furthermore, as i continued using the Bp, my forehead began to become real dry and flaky. Once again, 14 year old logic was if something is dry put some water on it. I would put my forehead under the sink for about 5-6 times a day and try to scrub the pimples, dry skin and flakes. This certainly did not help. My forehead became raw, dry, and more bumpier than ever.

I told my dad to stop buying the BP becuase I wanted to try something else. WIthin my experience with acne, I tried mostly ever single acne product that claimed would cure my acne. Nothing seemed to work and at about 16 I hit the lowest point in my life.

10th and 11th grade of high school was the worst experience I've lived through yet. I became passive towards life and school, and constantly skipped class. Although I wanted to be in school and socialize like everyone else, I stayed home and many times told my mom I was sick. I was never suicidal, but you can say I was surely depressed. Onwards, I kept using harsh products and continued to be harsh to my skin to try to smooth it out and get rid of the pimples. However, this did not work

At about 17, I noticed that my problem wasnt with active acne but rather with all the damage I put my skin through within the three years. I wished that if I got my good skin back, I would defintely not treat like I did the first time. Either way, I continued using BP, Clearsil, etc. all that junk to try to improve my skin. Nothing dramatically improved it.

Today at 19, I can say with confidence the biggest mistake I made treating my acne was using acne products, more specific harsh ones. I believe if I let the bumpy forehead heal itself or better yet using the regime I use today, I would not of put myself through all this trouble. Using harsh products all over my face, made acne spread from just to my forehead throughout everywhere except the cheeks. My cheeks never had acne on them. But, thats because I never put any products on them other than gentle cleanser and water.

Acne was the hardest thing to deal with. Many of you know about how it goes, so Im not going to list all the troubles: missing out on social events, avodiing lights and mirrors, etc. However, I fought and continued to try to improve my condition. Like I said at 16, I hit the lowest point in my life but I managed to keep myself going. I blamed god for the shitty skin and bad genes, funny that I don't even believe in god. But I knew the blame was all on me and how I took care of my skin.

Today: regime- cetaphil gentle cleanser(2x), moisturing at night if needed. Healthy lifestyle and diet, working out 6 days a week, and MOST IMPORTANTLY not using any harsh products at all. Right now, I am about 99 percent of active acne, and just trying to heal my skin for the damage I put it through.

Moral of the story- just about when you think your about to give up, continue to look for what is going to work for you. Mine was just a gentle cleanser. And to all the teenagers who are just starting to get acne, think twice before using the products.

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