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Horrible Hair Loss on and after Accutane

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I would just like to state my experience with the drug and how it has destroyed my hair. i'm a male 21 years old active and healthy etc. i'm not trying to scare anyone out of it i'm just simply frusturated, lost and confused, and well pissed. less than a year ago i had a thick full set of brown hair. with that though i also had cystic acne on my forehead and back, i used to cover it up with my hair, how ironic huh. anyway went on accutane from august till this past february 20mg the first two months and then 40mg for the rest. anyway, i had a good amount of thinning while on it but my moronic idiot derm told me that it would stop when i ended the treatment, what a lie. since i stopped right in the begining of february two months since my hair has gone to hell. i started shedding even worse than i was when i was on the stuff. i now can say that i usually lose at the very least 20-30 strands of hair in the shower, sometimes even 60-70. on top of that my hair constantly falls out throughout the day and when i run my hands through it i usually end up with at least a few strands on my fingers. my temples have reeceeded a full two inches and are completely bald, i cant really wear my hair long anymore, and it is this thin little layer. overall i would say that i lost 70% of my hair from the start of the accutane treatment and it doesnt look like it's slowing down anytime soon. i also have a bald spot forming on the back of my head to go along with it that is very visible at times. and to top it off don't believe that it grows back or stops there are many many people out there where the hair loss is permanent as in never grows back and stops. i am probably one of the unlucky few cause i dont see how my bald temples will ever regrow any of the hair i lost. sorry for venting but i would say the number of people out there who suffer from permenant hair damage and loss is much higher than is stated probably more like 20%. i'm screwed so just a heads up, i mean acne sucks dont get me wrong but i would take my hair any day over the zits. later

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I'm sorry to hear what has happened to you. Firstly, I want to thank you for voicing your opinion and sharing your experience with all of us. I'm sure many acne fighters, like myself, have found your piece of information to be very valuable. I was actually considering taking accutane (I am on oral antibiotics at the moment), and I am glad that you let me know what had happened.

I've experienced hair loss in grade 9 when I stopped eating. I regret starving myself, and today I treasure my dark asian hair very much. I am very happy that someone has brought the issue of hair loss up, because I know how much hell it is to go through it. Like you, I found myself losing a lot of peices of hair in the shower and having it clog up the drain. I also remember running my hands through my hair to find random pieces falling out. Yes, it's a horrible sight to see all your hairs on the floor of the bathroom after you blowdry.

But let me tell you something. Grade 9 was 5 years ago and at first I never thought my hair loss would end. Everyday my hair kept coming out. Today, I lose only a few pieces of hair in the shower, and my hair is much stronger. Much of my hair has grown back. Just a few tips: be very gentle with your hair. Pat dry your hair with a towel. Try not to brush or blowdry. Don't dye your hair or use hairspray and gel. And lastly, watch your diet and eat protein and take vitamins.

It took me months to finally get my hair to grow back normally. But I'm sure you'll get there, because I did.

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