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Hey there. This thread caught my attention big time! My skin sounds a lot like yours, lion: I have always had very mild acne, so I'm lucky in that sense, but my skin is just horrible-looking. I'm 25 years old and since I've been about 14, I've always had lots of tiny bumps and whiteheads w/ super-clogged pores. I have been using the DKR method for a little over a month now and I'm REALLY happy with the results. It has completely cleared up all my bigger pimples and the majority of my little bumpy patches (gross). It has helped me control my oily skin, and my pores even seem smaller and less noticeable. I really like the regimen a lot, even though I just started. I plan to continue using it for a very long time! Probably til menopause...haha.

However, when I look closely at my skin, I still have black, clogged pores on my nose and the follicles on my chin are so clogged with crap from years of oily skin that they are actually raised when the skin is stretched taut. Thus, I have several questions:

1. Does anyone know if continued use of the Dan Kern Regimen eventually clear this up?

2. If not, is there an effective way to combine the regimen with the BHA/GC products that this thread suggests?

I'm afraid to stop using the regimen, because I believe my pimples will come back. However, now that my pimples are clearing up, I really want to take care of my pores. I hope I don't have to sacrifice one for the other. As a final question, does anyone know if these or similar BHA or GC products are available at Sephora? Because they usually have all the best skin care products, and there is one not far from me :)

Thanks to everyone for their help!


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bha and bp together irritated my skin, so alternating between them would probably work best.

as for gc, i wouldn't recommend it if you are still dealing with active acne because there is a purging phase for a lot of people. for me, it was so bad i had to quit.

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I've combined the DKR and bha and it's worked wonders on my skin. easily the best thing i've done for my skin. As for your questions, I'm no expert but I'll try to answer them,

1. I doubt it, especially if the blackheads are persistant

2. From my experience, Yes! use BHA with the DKR in the following way: cleasnse (and wait), exfoliate with BHA (wait), then use BP (wait) and if need be moisterize.

One last thing, whether your treatment is effective or not is often up to picking the right brand/products for you. so for me, Paula's choice BHA liquid has worked wonders for me but it may not work for you... However, having said that, PC's bha is definitely worth a shot, best bha product out on the market (probably).

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I am doing the DKR with BHA also and I went from having a whole jawline full of bumps and pimples to just 3 somewhat active ones now. There is a dramatic difference from just a week ago when I incorporated the BHA into my regimen. The wonderful thing about BHA is that it gets deep into the pores to bring all that crap blocking them out. I use the Paula's Choice 2%BHA lotion but it comes in liquid and gel also. There's not any difference as far as how they work. It just depends on your preference of consistency. I like the lotion because I can appy it with my fingers easily. I was using the BHA twice a day but have recently cut back to just once because I was experiencing some dryness and a little flaking (minimal but any is too much for me).

I have read post after post about how Paula's Choice BHA has done wonders for acne.org members. As far as I am concerned it is a superior product over other BHA's. I think you will really be pleased with the results if you try it.

I use it in the same order as Cura except that I only wait like 2 minutes before applying the BP because I want it to get in my pores while they are still open from the BHA. Also once I started using the BHA, I was able to cut back on the amount of BP I was using. And I do manual exfoliation with a brush every evening.

Good luck if you decide to try it. I hope to see you post about your positive results. Lorrie

One last thing, when the BHA starts to work you will see tons of white crap sitting on the surface of your skin from where the BHA has brought it up outta the pores. Check the mirror often because it looks pretty gross just sittin there on your face.

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I have been on the Regimen for over two years, but about 5 months ago I began using Green Cream at night, while keeping BP for day. I do get a few more breakouts that I would if I used BP twice daily, but it has plumped my skin nicely I think.

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