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Real red , yet soft.

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Hey people,

Here's three photos I have taken off my face just minutes ago after I shaved. My skins is really soft but as you can tell around my cheek and chin area and some on the sides how red it is alson there is a few pimples around the chin and cheek area. I have used Accutane before was on 2 course of it at 40g. Before that used all kinds of products from Pro-Active didnt use this to long as I felt it burnt my skin a bit, Dan Kern's Regimen/B5 , diets , vitamin pills , creams , blue and red light didnt do squat. I dont really know what else I can do.

Right now Ill im doing is using Aloy Moisturizer because my skins get so dry and that's not even doing that great of a job but it keeps it covered for the day. I usally have 3-5 glasses of water a day as well.

Any suggestions :cry:





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I'm really not sure. Although I see that Accutane and many topicals have failed you, I think that your best bet is to visit a dermatologist if possible. I don't think that anyone here could successfully reccomend a treatment for such a stubborn case. Just keep trying dude. I can see beautiful skin underneath your acne; don't lose hope.

btw, the reccomended amount of water a day is 8-10 glasses (double your consumption).

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I am by no means an expert but I think that looks more like irritation than anything. What are you cleansing with? shaving with? Are you treating with anything at all? Did you mean Aloe moisturizer not Aloy? If so, what brand? All these things are important for us to know before anyone can give you advice. Another thing to consider would be a food allergy. I have seen peoples faces get red and blotchy like that from eating certain foods. You can figure out food allergies on your own but its a long process and alot of work. It's easier to get your dr to do the allergy tests. Lorrie

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Yeah I was going to say your face looks very irritated to me. There seems to be alot of redness even where I don't see any pimples.

It would be good to know what your regimen is and what products you are using. Like Lorrie said if you have tried all the normal Acne treatments with out any success, it might be time to start looking at the products you are using or the foods your eating to see try to determine what is causing this. To me it looks like somethign is irritating your skin.

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