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3 months on accutane, two to go.

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Just thought I'd do a little update, since so many people are skeptical. This is my second round, the first round, while it cleared me up, didn't last real long. I waited about a year or so to go on round two. After taking antibiotics, I was at a point where my face didn't bother me that much anymore. It was mainly clogged pores and just "rough" looking that got me, not actual break outs, although I did have pimples here and there.

The first two months on accutane I broke out quite a bit, not a lot, mainly around my jaw, chin area. About two and half months in I was at a point where I haven't gotten anything new. So it's been a few weeks since I've seen an actual pimple, it's nice waking in the morning not worried about what your face has produced overnight.

The downsides are here lately for whatever reason my nose has been giving me trouble. Lots of bloody "boogies" I know, it's nasty. My nose always feels real dry, and even got a nose bleed at work the other day.

I've also been getting a lot of pain in my right wrist, mainly from the accutane, some joint pain here and there but not a huge deal. I get dry eyes, and my vision seems to be a bit blurry at times.

I'm also pretty tired often, which sucks. Makes me not want to be "active" but I know my medicine will be over soon.

The worse part for me is the red face, though. I flush easily, my first round on accutane completely changed me, making me easily embarrassed and flushing, something I never encountered before. This got a little bit better before I went on round two. Now I'm back to point A.

Im hoping this round does the trick, as I just turned 20, and am tired of messing with this horrible disease.

If anyone has any questions, or advice, I'm here :)

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