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beach / swimming pool

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well the summer's coming up soon! so i may be goin out to the pool and stuff

i just have few questions about it

1) When i go swimming, does the moisturizer and BP and all that stuff come off?

2) If it does come off and my skin gets flaky all over, what can I do?

3) Since i am swimming in the sun, is it going to aggrevate the face more?

4) Do i need a sunscreen on your face? (I got SPF 15 moisturizer but...)

yeah its a lot of questions, but im not sure about all these since up until last summer my face was perfectly normal

so any suggestions, tips and any advices would be great


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Yay, a fellow swimmer!

1. yea, it will come off

2. apply moisturizer when you get out of the pool

3. in the longrun, the sun can aggravate acne

4. you should use a sunscreen, preferably one that is water resistant since moisturizers with spf generally wash right off.

I swim practically every day in the summertime. The main thing is to not let your face get burned, and to apply moisturizer after you swim since the chlorine can really dry out your skin.

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would i need a separate sunscreen then?

what do you recommend?

thanks for all your work Brandy!

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