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Hi I was just wondering, does anyone know if Tazarotene is the same as Tazoroc?? I am in Australia so I think sometimes meds have slightly different names (like we call Accutane, Roaccutane) but does anyone know for sure?

I was on Roaccutane up until about ten months ago and loved it. Anyway my skin is by no means as oily in the T-sone as it used to be but it has changed slightly over the months and I have been getting the odd pimple and a bit of 'congestion' on my chin. I tried an AHA serum that my doctor had recommended but i only used it once a week for 6 weeks and ended up really breaking out and irritated. I called my derm and she said to back off it to 10 days apart and that she would send me a script for Tasarotene. She explained that it has been used in the US for years and that it is less irritating than Differin (as I had a bad breakout with Differin before Roaccutane and I hated it), and it has the added affect of helping wrinkles too. Does this sound like Tazoroc?

She has posted me the script and so I will fill it today. If it is Tazorac what can I expect from it and what are some of you experiences, those who use it or have used it? What are the best ways to apply I.e only night time or twice a day and with or without moisturizer? Thanks

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you mean Tazorac? if so , yes it is the same. Tazorac or Avage are the name for the medicines that contain the drug Tazarotene

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Oh Ok thanks, I thought so. So what can I espect from using it? My skin is only minorly breaking out but my doctor said to use it as a preventative. Can I expect though that my skin will get lots worse initially as I am not sure i am keen on that. What are everyone's experiences with it?

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