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Day 1

This afternoon I finally was able to take my first pill! All the pharmacy had was that sortret (sp?) stuff, so that's what I'll be taking. It took me about 5 minutes of frustration trying to get the dang pill out of the packaging. Obviously not much going on yet, but I've stocked up on lotion and eye drops so I'm prepared for the worst.

Dose: 40 mg

Side Effects: A few minutes after taking the pill I got a rush of dizzyness, but I think it was probably from being exhausted or just my mind playing tricks on me.

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Yeah, I even had to use scissors. If I would've read the directions the first time, I wouldn't have had so much trouble! But the good thing is, now that I've had practice, it's nothing to get those suckers out.

Thanks for posting in my log. I appreciate your support. :)

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Today i noticed my nose was peelingish, and not nearly as oily as normal.

But on day one i got the uneasyness too, it was wierd. And when i wake up my eyes are pretty dry.

Happy mothers day? lol



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Thanks for the reply Opeth! Good, I thought I was imagining things...

Day 4

Today was a pretty good day. My mom was really surprised about my mother's day gift and we made her breakfast so that was good. The bad thing is that on the way back from my grandmother's house my car broke down. I had to stand outside for 30 minutes in 95 degree heat(I seem to be alittle more sensitive to heat than usual, I felt alittle faint.) until I could get a ride. So I definately got some sun, I hope I didn't burn...

I'm less achy today, but I'm officially in IB mode. I'm oily as crap and I feel like I have at leat 5 suckers ready to come through. Time to slap on the foundation...

Side Effects: dry mouth, chapped lips, extremely oily skin, slighty upset tummy

Dosage: 40mg

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Day 5

Well I've made it to day 5! Today was boring, I've just been studying for my exams coming up. Side effects aren't too bad at all. I had peely skin today, but it was still super oily which didn't look too attractive. I can't wait until I can wash my hair once every few days and my skin doesn't look like a frying pain after 20 minutes. My eyes were bothering me today, so I had to wear my glasses. Still going through the IB, but the new ones I've gotten are already starting to get smaller which is nice. Maybe I've dodged a huge breakout. Nothing else to report really...

Side Effects: dry, stingy eyes, chapped lips, peely skin

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lol, I too await the day when I don't have to wash my hair every day because it looks all black and disgusting from all the oil...I actually thought it would happen by now, so I straightened my hair twice in one week ... it lasted for about 2 day, with still looking decent...lol

be carefuly with "slapping" on the foundation...my IB, if I already had it, wasn't that bad....little white thingys popped up everywhere, but at most I just scratched like crazy. Got a bunch of blackheads now though...grrr... can't get those out as easily...lol

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It's funny you say that, but I did "slap" on the foundation today and I regret it. It got cakey and you could see my peely skin and I had a ton of oil seeping through...it was not pretty. Thanks for the advice, I'm not doing that again....

I think I'm getting a rash, my neck and hands are itching like crazy and they have red patches on them. Anyone had this?

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hey hun...just got a hold of your log...im on day 8, so we are both on the beginning of our journey towards amazing care free skin....so you are 15?...i kinda wish i had enough sense, or courage, to start accutane when i was your age...it could have saved me years of constant worrying and self consciousness...but i guess at 23, its better late than never...i'll keep checking your log and seeing your progress!

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Thanks for the support jay!

Thanks Burnt Toast, that's good to know!

xGreyfox: hey! yeah I wish I would've started earlier too, I probably would actually have some confidence now....

Thanks for the support!

Day 6

Today wasn't really a great day...I was sore and achy and just overall in a sucky mood. It didn't really help that some of my friends were acting really stupid with me today...

My head was itching like crazy! It was embarassing sitting in class constantly scratching, I'm sure someone thought I had lice or something. My eyes are also getting dryer and dryer, yet my skin is SO oily. I feel so self consious about it. Not like you people want to know, but if you really want to know all of my side effects....well one of them is constipation. I know how embarrassing, and I've been forced to start using that metimucal(sp?) crap. Gross...

As far as my acne goes I'm actually clearer than usual! My left side of my face is 98% clear! I do have a few pimples on my forhead though, which are totally cramping my style...

I'm still patiently waiting to get dry and clear! For god's sake, bring on some dryness already!

Side Effects: Itchy scalp, extremely oily skin, achy

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Good luck! I, too, wish i would of started @ 15! Good for you! In your profile pictures your skin looks great, but, i know we all have issues with our skin. Accutane will do wonders for you, just be patient!!!

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Day 7

Not much going on today, I'm still in a bad mood....maybe it's from the medicine? Not sure, but I hate feeling sad and self concious all the time...

Today I was asked out by a guy, but he was someone I would never date. I can't wait until someone I'm actually attracted to finally pays some attention to me. Maybe I'm just being to picky, but I don't think I'm asking too much...

Skin still uber oily, I thought it was dryer this morning, but a few hours after waking up the oil came right back full force. It's really getting old.

My lips however are slowly getting dryer and dryer. My eyes aren't as bad, I could wear my contacts today.

I thought the IB was over but I'm still breaking out! It's pretty managable with makeup though.

Side Effects: chapped lips, getting tired faster, itchy scalp

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Day 8

I had a massive headache today, it even caused me to check out from school early. Not sure if it's related to the medicine, but it sure as heck hurt...

My lips are getting pretty chapped now, they sting and it feels funny to smile. Skin still oily.

Haven't had any new breakouts! The ones I have are healing.

I have only one full day of school left! (then two days that I get to check out early) Man, I'm so sick of school...

Side Effects: headache, chapped lips

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Day 9

Well, I think I'm finally starting to dry out! Instead of getting oily 15 minutes after washing, it takes about 25. Hey, it's a start. My lips are starting to get painfully dry. I went to the store and forgot my chapstick and boy was I miserable. My skin started to crack at the corners. On the plus side my lips are a shade of cherry red, which looks quite nice.

Still feeling alittle down...I can't blame it on the medicine, maybe I'm just going through one of my phases...

Skin isn't looking too shabby! It's not clear, but it's smooth and I've had only 1 or 2 tiny, tiny new zits pop up. Nothing makeup can't coverup.

I'm sooo exhausted! I feel like an 80yr old woman, everything pops and cracks and I grimace when I walk across the room. Hopefully this soreness will be gone by tommorow...

Well I'll update tommorow. :)

Side Effects: chapped lips, itchy scalp, achy, exhausted very easy

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Day 10

Errgh...I'm breaking out again! I thought I dodged the IB, but I had a few fresh ones today. My blackheads look as if they are pushings themselves out.

Skin was oily again today! It's weird how my oil is fluctuating (sp?) so badly...

No other side effects except the usual stuff. Nothing much going on, I've just been studying for exams all day.

Side Effects: IB, chapped lips, exhausted, itchy scalp

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Day 11 and 12

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was super busy!

Not much is going on, haven't had any major breakouts and all of the ones I had are slowly fading. Skin still oily...

I noticed when I lay down I get an odd pain in my back, it's very sharp and painful, but it only lasts a few seconds. It's really strange...

I get upped to 80mg Thursday! I'm scared...

Only 1 more day of school left! yay! After summer, I'll come back with nice clear skin. I can't wait. :)

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YES. THose back pains hurt sooo god damn hard. Its only for like a minute, but when im sitting for a while then stand up or lay down, my back aches for a while and i have to arch for like 2 minutes. Word, i wonder when thatll quit. Im so dry now, like everyhitng on my body is drying out, i kinda welcome it because it means this crap is working.

Don't be scared about 80mg, i started on 80 mg and i'm fine, other tahn the bleeding lips when i woke up this morning. That blew.

Yeah i can't wait to come back from summer... Tanned, Clear Skin, straight teeth, fresh clothes, and it will be senior year. Hell yeah.

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it you're working this summer, please be careful, or actually with anything be careful. My job doesn't even require me to really go outside a lot or anything strenuous, but we were unpacking boxes for a few days, and at the end of every day, I had like cuts, that had only penetrated the top top layer, so you could basically see the skin kinda peeling off or something...

Oh AND...you might bruise a lot easier... I know I did. Right above my wrist...nasty nasty bruise--still haven't figured out from what.

And I think I've become a klutz :-p (so careful when you're wearing heels!) ...lol I just almost fell over the boxes yesterday because I was trying to be a smart ass, and landed on the docking palette with my heel. Nearly fell completely over too!

lol oh and! watch out for where ever you don't have on sun screen. I think, FOR ONCE!!!!! I'm tanning on my upper arm, where I've been pale pale white for the LONGEST time...I'm not saying that thats healthy, but I just think its kinda funny...lol Careful with the sun though, you probably WILL burn next time you're out that long....Right now, I got this with about... 3-4 minutes each way walking (fast walking) almost twice a day. and most of the time, I'm in the shade too! So be careful. make SURE you put on sun screen... you're 10 mg above me, on sotret btw, i'm at 30 for this month, only for this month hopefully.

Good luck, and HAVE FUN! this summer!!!! :-) I'll try and warn you about things, but theres no guarantee that I'll remember, I'm getting really out of it...like I haven't slept enough or something....coffee time! :)

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Thanks for the replies!

Opeth- Glad I'm not the only one, yeah it's soo annoying! Especially when I'm trying to workout...

Good, I'm so scared about the 80mg, even though I probably have nothing worry about.

Wow that sounds good, I bet it'll feel great. :) Ha I'm trying to reinvent myself as well, I'm dying my hair and I'm going to workout and get toned. They won't even recognize me..lol

kristifire- hey! thanks for the advice, I need as much as I can get! Actually I do plan to volunteer at a local hospital or shelter, and maybe take some acting classes. I guess I better be careful!That sounds terrible! Do the bruises hurt? ha ha don't worry, I'm always tripping and falling!

I noticed I'm tanning faster too! But I'm so freaked about getting wrinkles and skin cancer (my mom has it) that I never tan! I'm addicted to spf, but I'll just slather on more. ;) I'm worried about burning while shopping, the shops here you have to walk quite a bit to get to each one...

aww thanks you too! keep in touch!

On a side note, today was my last day!!! Woohooo!! I made pretty good grades on my exams too: 96 in social studies, 105 in art, 99 in computer, and not too sure in math..... :confused:

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lol I'm tanning a lot faster too. In this miami heat, from 5 minutes of walking, not even totally in the sun.. from my elbows to my wrists, are getting darker and darker each day. An above that, on the bicept/tricept area...I'm starting to tan a little...I've tried for YEARS to tan there, because I used to always wear these big shirts.. and I've got like a permanent tan line :- .... this kinda makes me wanna go outside in my bathing suit or something...I'm really contemplating it...hmmm...maybe over the weekend I'll do that...I'd probably only need like 30 mins max to get a little browner... :-

if cancer runs in your family, I'd stay AWAY from any natural light :- seriously, its not something I would mess around with...lol for all I know though, it runs in my family too :- my mom is so white that when she first came to this country she wanted to be tan to show off back home, and ended up now with those brown spots...sun spots??? all over her hands, and a lot around her eyes. lol and despite all that 30 years ago... she only RECENTLY started wearing spf on her face, at my insistence...lol mainly I think though, because I was allergic to the one I got, and couldn't return it lol :-

oh yea, she's wrinkly too :-...I'd just like to believe that after all these topical crap stuff and the laser treatments that I tried, that the wrinkles will stay away for a long time...lol... kinda makes sense that it would though, take for instance tazorac...not only is it used for acne, but to firm up wrinkly skin...lol... at least thats what I read when I first got mine...lol

who knows, maybe we'll look young forever :-:)

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