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My redmarks disappear within a week...

Most of mine disappear within a week or maybe two at most ...

This is what I do:

- Get 6 to 8 grams of Omega 3 per day... (From food and supplements)

- Eat alot of protein foods

- I drink around 8 tall glasses of WARM to HOT water only and I add a green tea bag in almost every cup I drink...

- I wash my face with a cleanser for sensitive skin morning and night

- I use the lemon egg white mask as DELNA proposed in her thread ...

- I moisturize

- Sleep 8 hours

And that's it. Last Saturday (two days ago) my skin was full of redmarks (but no active pimples at that moment) and I felt despaired ... but today, two days later, after following this regimen, my red marks are significantally less noticable! They're more of a pink color right now and I'm pretty convinced by Friday they'll be pretty much gone. Before I wouldn't do any of this... I thought time would heal but it ended up taking months...

Now answer my question...

Do red marks fade away this fast FOR SOME PEOPLE or am I hallucinating? :wacko:

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I dont know if it helps but I also have naturally light mocha skin and I try to avoid the sun because it's bad for red marks on the long term...

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Question for you cookies... Before you tried this method how long did your redmarks last? Maybe a few months at most? Forgive me for being skeptical, but mine last about a year and I've tried all those methods, just not all at the same time, and my results were nothing noteworthy.

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