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For the longest time i have been looking at everyones posts trying to find a solution to my red marks. when ever i looked at peoples pictures of their marks , most were raised off the skin, mine on the other hand are totally flat, my skin is totally smooth, now that my acne is gone, but my whole face, minus my forehead is like bloched with red marks, not horrible, but quite bothersome. it can be covered with foundation pretty easily, but im more natural, and with summer coming along, with swimming, i would prefer not to use any foundation..

now i finally found something describing my red marks:

Macules or "pseudo-scars" are flat, red or reddish spots that are the final stage of most inflamed acne lesions. After an inflamed acne lesion flattens, a macule may remain to "mark the spot" for up to 6 months. When the macule eventually disappears, no trace of it will remainâ€â€unlike a scar.

so i was wondering if anyone knows anything to help fade these types of red marks, or anyone have similar ones??

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i have the same ones, i think the only thing that i've read is that regular exfoliation speeds up the process...

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AHA lotions and peels are the only thing I've found to help speed up the fading process. I have the same type of marks on my cheeks and jawline. There are not many but just enough to be annoying.

Try out a lactic acid lotion. It's gentle on the skin, will even out your tone and fade your marks. Don't expect any miracles though. Even with the help of AHA, macules can still take months to completely disappear.

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