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My Acne Regimen (Hopefully it will work)

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Hey guys i suffer from what i would call mild acne, about 4-7 red spots some small some a little bigger and this has been on and off for about the last 4 years. I suffered from acne bad at one point but after help from a dermatolgist my skin improved and still is. Im at university in my first year and I decided I want pure clear skin. I Have red marks left from previous acne. Ok so its really random one half of my face has cleared up pretty well, only slight red marks and the odd pimple. For the other half well I hate it, its red marky, spotty and just not a nice texture. Not for long I hope lol. So last month i started dkr and i found the Bp i was using which was panyoxl 2.5% began burning my face and it was hurting and made me feel embarassed, so i came off it. Now im starting again with oxy on the spot as my friend had good results and it doesn't burn as much. I started last nite and the oxy only stang minorly when i put moisturiser on and I didnt put it on this morning due to me making sure my skin wouldn't react badly. Im going to post my days on here as it will give me support

Im using:

Tea Tree oil and Witchhazel foaming cleanser

Oxy on the spot bp 2.5%

Simple Light hydrating moisturiser

And will soon be taking zinc and omega 3 tablets.

Guys any advice or support would be great and wish u all the best of look in ur own regimens.

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Best of luck! I'd look into switching your cleanser at some point because the combination of tea tree oil and witchhazel is pretty irritating and drying, and you don't need that extra medication when you're using BP. I've also found that foaming cleansers leave behind more of a film on your face than other types of cleansers.

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Bar soaps are pretty drying and alkaline, and I wouldn't recommend using one on Dan's regimen unless you have pretty oily skin. I don't know what is in the Dove Beauty Bar, so I can't say if it's a good bar soap or not, it might be suitable if it doesn't have too much fragrance or extra medications. You are in the UK, though, and I see that you're using a Simple moisturizer. I think Simple makes some decent cleansers. For specific recommendations you should look at what UKers here are using.

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Day 2:

Ok i got up this morning and a couple of spots by my mouth have gone septic , which I think is good, because i will carefully pop them tongiht with a steralised needle and they shd be down by 2moz and the huge spot on my cheek is also going down. The red marks seem slightly better and overall my skin is looking somewhat good. Went to Boots today and got zinc and omega 3 tablets to help my skin (especially because im not a fish eater) and the woman on the pharmacy counter goes you know u get a free bottle of eevnign primrose that is good for skin with these tablets so I was like ok then cool thankyou and then she tells me oh you have spent over 8 pounds you get some free cod liver oil tablets lol, there all fine taken together. So now im on zinc,omega3,evenng primrose and fish oil tablets lol.Fingers crossed these will help heal my skin.

Now On:

Zinc Tablets

Omega 3 Tablets

Evening Primrose Tablets

Cod Liver Oil Tablets

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