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Hello everyone

What should I use to clean my face?

-What Brand/type works best for you guys?

What should i use to treat my acne

-Again, what works best for everyone here? What is the brand i should go buy?

What should i use to protect my face?

-Best moisturizer?

I have moderate acne.. big pimples in places, lots of little ones , and a bunch of redmarks.

I have semi-oily skin (really Oily some days, not so much other days), and I breakout on a regular basis. I tone with ACV.

Thanks everyone

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Guest Sincerely Me

Only you will be able to fully figure out the best regimen for you, but I will help you out. Have your tried the DKR? If not, you might want to start there. If in 3 months you don't see ANY improvement, it may be time to move on and go see a derm or reg. doctor and get a prescription.

To clean your face, I suggest Cetaphil cleanser or Dan's cleanser. Both are very similar, however Dan's has no fragrance and you get a lot for your money. To treat my acne I have been through a plethera of medications. However, I had a lot of success with BP and the DRK until I developed an allergy (not the case with everyone) and had to stop. There are a lot of brands of BP, but we suggest Neutrogena's On the Spot, and I stronly recommend Dan's gel BP (once again, a lot for your money). To protect your face, try a moisturizer with SPF. Cetaphil is great which I love, but may be too heavy for the upcoming summer months. You should try a moisturizer by Neutrogena for something lighter, or even people here use Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel to moisturize their face.

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First of all, welcome to acne.org :wavey:

I use one of Paulas Choice cleansers and her BHA 2% gel. It works! I have like four pimples on my face where as before I would get like 7-10 a day. After I wash my face Ive been putting ACV on as a toner 1 part ACV and 5 parts water. Paulas Choice also has a wonderful Skin Recovering Moisturizor. I am gonna buy it. I ordered the sample first and I am planning on ordering it on Monday. I recommend you use all that stuff.

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