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Benny's Accutane Log - 23/m, 40mg of Sotret

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Hello all! I wanted to start this Log, like many of you, to document the my 5 month Accutane experience. I started on March 23rd with 40mg of Sotret daily, will continue that for 30 days and then I'm assuming the Derm will bump my dosage up.

Here's a little about my acne history:

As a teenager, had pretty mild/moderate acne which was treated by my GP who gave me Erythomycin cream to put on at night. If I can remember correctly it didnt really do much. As I got older my acne started to just go away, so by the time I went to college I only got the occasional pimple, maybe once a month. I am very grateful that I got to spend four years of college with clear skin, and I took advantage of every minute of it. But once I graduated and I started to work full time for a large Corporation, my acne started to come back. First as mild, but then it dipped into moderate. At the age of 23, I was completely embarrased I was going to work with large red zits on my ace. So I went to a dermatologist, who prescribed my Differin gel and Duac cream, and minocyline. I used that for 9 weeks with no improvement, my skin was just getting incredibly dry, wven though I moisturized twice a day. With no improvement, the derm gacve me Differin cream, with Klaron during the day, and still on the minocycline. After another 6 weeks with no improvement, the derm finally suggested accutane, which I took immediately.

I would really appreciate anyone's support or suggestions who have gone or are going through the experience. I am really hoping this take care of my acne, as of right now it is prety mild with about to small pimples on my forehead and about three on each cheek. At my age, it is just really embarrasing, not only at work, but also socially. I usually like to go out on the weekends and enjoy myself, but the acne has just ruined my social life the last 6 months

Days 1-9

The first few days the dry lips really started to hit me. From reading other people's logs I got some aquaphor and some Burt's Bees. I also feel really dehydrated all the time, so I drink plenty of water. My skin really hasn't changed much. Becuase my derm is starting me off at a lower dosage and then pumping me up, I am hoping I can miss the IB, but with my luck I'll get hit with it.

Well I'm off to watch the Final Four and hang out wth friends. I wish everyone luck who reads this on their Accutane Journey

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Day 10

All I can say is DO NOT get drunk when your on accutane. I went out last night partying and now I have had the worst hangover of my life today. No matter how much water I drink, it is never enough. I know people on here have been preaching about not getting drunk, but I learned my lesson. I am going to take it easy with the booze from now on.

The dry lips are still horrible and I am using aquaphor constantly. My skin is somewhat decent now, but I feel a cyst coming in on my upper right cheek. Its not too red right now, but I know by tommorow it will be bright red. I have noticed that my pimples do seem to be going away alot quicker than before accutane.

Right now I am using Klaron Lotion on my face twice a day, which my derm kept me using to help combat the IB I am going to use it for two more weeks and then try to ween myself off it.

Just like everyone else I am realy hoping I don't get the IB, but I'll be ready for it when if it does happen.

Keep on Trucking everyone

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Hey bro....Im gonna be watching your log we seem to have pretty similiar cases I think. I posted back to you on my log but anyways now that I see yours I was saying that I did a cycle of accutane 6 years ago and it was amazing (didnt get a pimple, not one for a good 4 years).....the doc says thats why its a "cure" for most people, becaause usually it works for a very long time and by then your body has just naturally grown out of it....I guess you and me havent grown out of it yet, but he did say that acne usually develops in teens and can go as late as 25...........which I know there are plllenty of people on this board over 25 but, Im just saying in your case you may be more of the norm and once you get this course of accutane hopefully by the time the effects where off you will be well grown out of it so this is a good chance it could be the end all cure all for you.....anyways just wanted to tell you that caus thats what I heard and sometimes the accutane journey sucks so its reassuring just to know that the light is at the end of the tunnel....but oh ya my original point was I drank a few times on accutane during my first cycle and nothing happened at first and one night when i started drinking it just hit me....like a seeerious fuckn pain in my stomach i could barely move and i only drank one beer at that point, but that was later in my treatment when my dose was higher.....similiar thing happened to my sister when her dose was higher she tried drinking and barely drank anything and passed out and woke up waaay sick in a cold sweat. So, just from my past experience really watch yourself drinking because you can hurt yourself....I still drink, ive been drinking so far on this cycle, but just pay attention to your body when your drinking and dont over do it man or youll be hurtin like I was......anyways dude glad your postin ill be checkin in....later

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Hey, I don't have much advice because I'm still new to it too. My skin started to look different within just a few days on 20mg/day, and within 2 weeks I looked quite fine and now I'm regularly going out without makeup and feeling totally comfortable! Moisturizer does help... a LOT...

Also last week I had a few drinks (1 glass of champagne one night, few days later 2 glasses, few days later 1 glass of prosecco) and this week - I'm SICK!! I think my immune system got weakened by dealing with the alcohol. This week I have strep and an eye infection. So yeah, I agree, don't drink!!!

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Days 12

Man, work has been stressful lately. I work in corporate finance so I have to do alot of high profile prrojects for some high ups in my company. I'm going to try and learn to deal with stress better because I know it definently dosent help with the acne.

I also went for a run yesterday and I did notice that when I woke up today my lower back and my knees were a bit more sore than usual. I just have to remember to keep up with the fish oil capsules and hope th joint pain dosent get too bad.

Not much new to report skin wise. My skin does seem to be looking better the last two days. It seems as if some of my red marks I had from acne before Accutane have dissapeared quicker. My nose also seems to be alot smoother. The cyst on my upper right cheek I mentioned did get bigger, but its not too bad right now. I also ended up popping another small whitehead on my cheek that had been there a while. I know I'm not supposed to pop anything, but its better than walking around with a big whitehead right on your face.

Good Luck to you all.

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hey there,

now im not going to preach about how it is a good idea to drink while on this medication but with my experience i got drunk probably 1 - 3 times a week. This might seem stupid but i guess it helped me deal with alot of things while at uni, but i never felt that much different.

Im talking 15 beers in a night, sure i didnt feel good but that is normal. Strange thing is that this did not reflect on my blood results. All im saying is that its not a good idea to heavily drink, but people who say 1 - 3 drinks is stupid i think are just overreacting. Just see how you go, if blood results show changes then obviously tell ur doctor u had a few and that might explain why.

in short dont buy into the dont drink at all thoughts. :)

gl to you <3

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Day 26

So I am finally updating again the log again. I am now on day 26 of accutane and things seem to be going decent so far. Here is an update:

Side effects: I am still dry as all hell. I have to apply either Aquaphor or Aveeno Intense Relief Lip Balm every 30 minutes just to keep up with the dry lips. I also drink tons of water and take vitamin E which seems to help. I am also constantly fatigued and can never get enough sleep.

Skin: Right now I have about five active pimples across my face. I have two on the left cheek and three on the right. The clogged pores I had on my forehead have gone and now it is pretty smooth. It also seems as if the blackheads on my nose have seen to have gotten smaller.

I still havent gotten any better at popping my pimples. It is just so hard sometimes not to touch a nice whitehead on your face. But on the plus side, when I do pop them, the red marks go away alot quicker than before accutane.

I am also going to try and get better at updating this log. But damn, this accutane makes me so lazy sometimes.

I wish everyone the best.

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