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I have been looking at products that will help clear red marks, and the intense gel R-ALA is interesting me. My only problem, is i don't know how i should add it into my regimen?

my current regimen, as follows

I only do the regimin at night during the weekdays, and both morning and night on weekends. On weekday mornings, i am simply cleansing and moisturizing my face, to get all the gunk off.

cleanse with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

apply AcetOxyl 2.5% bp gel

moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

and then apply Jamieson's Aloe Vera Gel

3-4 nights a week, i am exfoliating with baking soda(mixed with water), and then applying a 3:4 ACV:water mixture(spraying it on), Before my regular regimin.

On top of this, i am taking Vitamin E 400 IU pills, fish oil capsules. and a multi vitamin, daily.(in appropriate dosages)

Another question that i will ask on the side: I have also been looking at Green Creams, and i am wondering how effective they are, and how i could incorporate them into my regimin(eg, what current products i need to drop from my regimen)

Also, i should probably add, i am 19, i have somewhat fair skin, and mild acne, with what seems to be very mild scaring(im not even sure if it is scaring). Most of my problems with acne/red marks, are between my eye brows, and around my mouth(chin etc.)

i hope this post wasn't too much of a mess, and that it is in the correct forum(my main problem is red marks)

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i would say u should look into getting the CSR gel from this site. it's by far the best BP i've ever used. Also, green cream can cause breakouts for ppl with acne prone skin.

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