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sw cub

6th month on accutane

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Hi all. I'm a 20 yr old male on their 6th month of accutane. My acne has been cleared up but now my face looks like roadkill. The lower part of my cheecks are very bumpy, I think they have rolling scars. I hope this evens out some when I get off the medicatioin because right now it looks pretty bad.

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Guest sm_oore

Yeah i'm in the same situation yr in except i've been off accutane for a couple weeks now. Hate to say it but there's nothing much you can do for yr scars on accutane right now. Maybe there is? You can start looking into things and start researching on certain lasers although you have to wait at least 6 months after accutane, thats what sucks about that drug. :wall: maybe injections or chemical peels in a few months might help you out a little? But start slow, especially if you have had accutane.

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My scars looked a lot worse as soon as I finished accutane - rolling scars showed up that I didn't know I had before. They calmed down quite a bit. Not sure if it was saline injections or time. A friend who had also been on accutane told me to just wait and they'd diminish. They definitely have, but again, I'm not sure whether it's due to time, saline or apple cider vinegar.

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