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Why do we really need a cleanser??

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What is a cleanser for? I think its for washing off excess 'oil' and 'dirt' (as if there is any)

i think just washing with water then applying a little moisturizer would be good enough

ive been thinking about that for a while now, i think our skin creates excess oil because we wash more than twice a day or use strong cleansers, or even ones with like 15+ chemical ingredients

im going to try just watching once in the morning with water while in the shower, then apply some complex 15 (i dont know if im going to get dry tight skin from water as i do from most cleansers after watching, even the sensitive moisturizing ones i get the tight skin, maybe water will not do this and i wont even need a moisturizer!)

i wanna regulate my oil production and stop over-washing and over irritating my face

ill just use a clean paper towel mid day for some shine control or it my face feels dirty or something

ill update with results

edit: adding something else:

acne for us real acne sufferers comes from inside the skin, why the hell do we wash our face so much with the cleansers anyway? ive been thinking and its really stupid that we do that, they just strip our protection and thats why we then use a moisturizier after, to 'add' some of that protection artificially, but then our natural oil production kicks in and it mixes in with the moisturizer, thats why we get a nice shiny coating of oil on our face about 1-2 hours after

cleaning your face so much wont make your face any 'cleaner' and it wont unplug pores or kill bacteria, it will irritate and harm and cause more breakouts!

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You shouldn't overwash, but underwashing is probably worse: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...l=pubmed_docsum

"Despite the common recommendation to wash the face twice daily with a mild cleanser, there is little published evidence to support the practice. Indeed, while the general public believes that cleaner skin will result in fewer blemishes, dermatologists often warn that overwashing and scrubbing can exacerbate the condition. To clarify the effect of frequency of face washing on acne vulgaris, we designed a single-blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial to be conducted on males with mild to moderate acne vulgaris. Subjects washed their faces twice daily for 2 weeks with a standard mild cleanser before being randomized to one of three study arms, in which face washing was to be done once, twice, or four times a day for 6 weeks. At the end of the study no statistically significant differences were noted between groups. However, significant improvements in both open comedones and total noninflammatory lesions were observed in the group washing twice a day. Worsening of acne condition was observed in the study group washing once a day, with significant increases in erythema, papules, and total inflammatory lesions. We concluded that slight support exists, both in terms of efficacy and convenience, for the recommendation to wash the face twice daily with a mild cleanser. However, excessive face washing may not be as culpable as previously thought."

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