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????? symmetrical acne

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hi all... kinda new here, i've just been browsing through these topics and finding some really helpful/informative posts.

so i thought i'd drop a quick question into the mix to see if anyone has any experience with it..

do you guys ever notice any sort of symmetry behind your break-outs??

i've been paying more attention to mine lately, and surprisingly, it really follows a pattern... like clockwork.

for example, one day, i'll get a big zit or two around my chin (and nearly always 'symmetrically' within an area!) and the next, the top of my shoulders and/or my chest. then the following few days, the 'excess oil/elimination/whatever' will move down my back and also outward on my jawline (literally along a 'line' pattern--and no, i don't 'put my hands on my jaw more that day, i have experience with acne/irritation, trust me hehe), again symetrically, producing small break-outs around those particular areas.

i get irritation acne if i trim my beard, etc. sometimes that's out of place, but as far as the kind of deeper, more 'cystic' lesions that get rather inflamed and take a few days to decline, they're almost always following this odd pattern.

i've done a bit of reading about meridians and such things, considering that our skin is one of the main elimination pathways for toxins and all that such (according to a lot of the 'not-necessarily-hormonal' theories behind acne) and any diagram i've seen seems to really mimic a lot of the patterns for my break-outs (example: http://goldenpineapplebandb.com/Images/acu..._meridians.jpg)

any insight? thoughts? i know this is a really weird topic, but maybe with some luck hehe.... :confused:

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I just wanted to add your not crazy! I get matching zits all the time.

I will have one in the same spot on both cheeks, both sides of mouth, etc...weird!

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