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Anti-androgenic herbs

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I an new to this myself. If you dig deeper into this website, most are talking about spirolactone

which is a testosterone reducer but prescibed mainly as a diuretic for high blood pressure.

I think "Alderone"is the acutual trade name. There are others. Older men complain about no

sex drive because of it. Now I know why. Now, how to get a derm to prescibe it is the key

and I have posted a request for people who know of one in Phila. since my derm is a backward moron.

If you guys are worried about no sex drive, it sounds to me like youre not getting any anyway

so why not clear up your acne and then go off it? Just a suggestion. I am trying chasteberry herb

so far but they say it takes months to really work. Meanwhile, I've got the Nizoral shampoo

and washing 2x a day since someone posted the key ingredient (ketokonazole) is a topical

anti-androgen. I just trying this now so will let you know. None of the other dandruff shampoos have this in

it although some with salicytic acid in them may help. (I have no success with

anything containing salicytic acid--it burns and is useless). Meanwhile, I have made an

appt with my gyn for a pill with spirolactone and am still searching a derm to prescribe the

sprirolactone in alone. I, luckily, have had a few great years that my skin had minimal acne. I

am just recently getting it bad. I cover it up well and have been able to have a normal life

but I find this website makes me sad that so many suffer. We need to stop commiserating

and DEMAND a cure from our doctors. Even though I have little scarring (I've been lucky)

I see many that are disfigured. Let the lawsuits begin for this needless disease that has

been ignored by the American medical society too long. We need to let them know "It's

not about dirt, stupid!" and I resent them treating it as such. I will lookup more infor on

anti-androgens and keep you posted.

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I found green tea extracts to be a great anti-androgen. It keeps my sex drive in check, but doesn't stop it all together. I was kind of scared when that happened, but it started to show on my face as well. It also kept my mood very well. I take 2 pills, 3x daily. I took 3ish pills the first week or so. I saw that Mad I.D. had a lot of success with it so I tried to find and reasonable information that proved why and I found it, so I tried it and it works better than I had hoped. I am in about week 3 now.

There's some articles in my sig and stuff if you want to see them about androgens and gte

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I recently read that an endocrinologist will prescribe Sprirolactone but only if a hormone imbalance is found which takes nothing more than a blood test. Also some gynecologists will prescribe it but only for the same reason.

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