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proteinchemists Accutane Log

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Hey guys. I had a really interesting day today, not really acne related but I will write it down because I have been thinking about it a ton. I am wrapping up my semester, and today was my last day of volunteering in the hospital. (neo-natal/PEDs).

I played with a young girl (5-6) who was a terminal patient dying of a brain tumor. I am very used to sick children as I have been doing this for a while, but it is still hard for me to accept the fact that such an innocent child is so sick. We were making a "happy transplant" card for her roommate, who was going through a marrow transplant. All she thought about was her roommate, not herself, and she told me her mom said that he may be with Jesus by the end of the day, and that someday she would be too.

I cried a lot after we made the card, not in front of her, but afterwards, and then I thought to myself. I bitch so much about having acne and feel so sorry for myself. It's JUST ACNE. There are people who would give anything to just have acne.

OK. Anyways just thought I would share this... we are so lucky, guys.

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Hey everyone! I have good news. So this week I had to go get my blood drawn because my triglycerides were 397 last time. They were 161 at the start. Well, my derm said if I didn't get them down she would have to lower the dose. This was 2 weeks after I got my last draw. Well, when I heard that I sort of freaked out, because I NEED THIS MED!


I exercised almost every day... biking, and Richard Simmons (I'm not kidding, hah)

I cut out Rice and Potatoes and starchy stuff

I ate high fiber foods, fruits, veggies and good fats (this was hard, actually because I REALLY REALLY DIETED)... no carrots, though. Not dieting to lose weight.

Cut out sugar and went to artificial sweetener

Watched Sodium

Drank a lot of water

Watched Vitamin A intake (made sure it was low)

And you know what? I got a call from my dermatologist. She said my triglycerides were 142 and she was just flabbergasted, because she didn't think I was going to be able to get it down that much. I was quite shocked as well. I'm going to keep this up!! AND I CAN STAY ON 60mg.

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So, I presented at a conference this weekend, and I broke out a little. Not as much as I would normally, but I was so nervous. There were about 100 people who came to my lecture, but I felt good about myself because they actually wanted to hear me speak, and didn't care about what I looked like. Also, I'm happy so say that I'm looking much better in some areas on my face!

I met a guy at the conference as well that was on Accutane, and his acne was worse than mine but he just started. Actually his lips were bleeding and he was like... it's from this medicine.... and then I said I'm taking it as well....

We went out to lunch and had a great time that day.


Face: OK. I have one cyst on my cheek but it's tiny, and some on my forehead, maybe 4 little ones. Still many blackheads and red marks, but I can live with that.

I looked at pics from the beginning and I do look different. I still have 2-3 months left! I am suddenly becoming optimistic, as I used to have many more cysts and they haven't come back!

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DAY around 45 I think??

Wow. Time really does fly. I'm nearly done with my second month and I've had improvement for sure. I can't wait until another 2 months.... hopefully my face will be flawless.

However... right now my face is SO DRY it's crazy. I am a lucky one: no joint pain, but nose bleeds galore.


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I feel like my nose is cut up inside. It is gross. I put moisturizer on my face at night and then vaseline on top of it. It has cut down on the flaking during the day. Now ifI could find something for my scalp. So gross huh?

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Whoops. I drank last night. My face was sort of blotchy today... I freaked out a little bit. I think it's from the drinking. :) Oh well live a little, right?

I have been so good. :redface:

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I just got my blood drawn for the end of month 2!!! I have my derm appointment tomorrow. Wow, 60 days done with Accutane. I thought I would never get this far, but here I am.

My face is dry, but it's so humid here that when I go outside it's ok. :)

I have 3 active pimples, still many blackheads, and a lot of readmarks.

No cysts though. It's so amazing!!!!

For the first time, I didn't really think about my acne today, and didn't bother even putting on powder!

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Well I haven't updated in a while because I've been so busy getting ready for med school! I have such great news and bad news. Great news is I HAVE NO ZITS! HEAR THAT?? NONE! I do have some red marks. This is the first time in 12 years I have NOT HAD A ZIT!

Bad news... it's so hot here. 95 degrees. I went walking the other day and I hadn't been drinking enough... I passed out and lost my cookies... I was suffering from dehydration so bad, lucky I was in the hospital parking lot... haha someone got me some water and helped me.

Weird, because my bones hurt yesterday as well. I haven't had any side effects yet and this is month 4.

I was skeptical about Tane clearing me, but it's working!!!! It took until month 4 to see improvement but my goodness it's really dramatic now.

OH! And I have my sights set on being a dermatologist! I'm going to go for it!

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you go girl!!!! Awesome about med school. Not so awesome about passing out. You now know what you need to do. Good luck with everything. You should be very proud of yourself. Glad your face is looking good. Mine is too. This medicine is like a miracle.

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I just want these redmarks and blackheads to go away.... them my skin would be perfect... but no actives for now. I had a big one on the side of my mouth but it's gone now... :)

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Hello Everyone. Thank you for this site, it has been such a help to know that others are going through what I am. Anyhow... I'm on my LAST MONTH OF ACCUTANE!!!

My blackheads are coming out... I'm so so happy.

I look good and for the first time in my life do not feel like a freak.

I am stopping this site.... I will no longer be posting and good luck to EVERYONE!!!!


I have so much confidence right now that all my dreams have finally come true... took 22 years.

Well except for the loan payments... OUCH.

And I thought this day would never come... hah... went SOOO FAST!

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