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The regimine/ Dan's book

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Hi everybody.

I found out about acne.org through Dan's ad on craigslist.org for the before/after photos in his book. So I've been on the regimine for about 3-4 weeks now. Once a week I meet with Dan to do photos and to let him watch me go through the regimine so he knows I'm following it step by step.

The regimine has been very successful for me. The first week I was a little freaked out because i got super dry and flaky. It was red and sometimes painful. Dan assured me that this was normal, so I kept on track with the regimine. I did decide at this point that I needed to moisturize DAY and Night. This is not congruant with the regimine, but I just HAD to do something about the dryness and Dan said he wouldn't mind if I used more moisturizer. For a few days I was applying moisturizer 3-4 times a day because rubbing it in helped gently loosen all of the dead skin and get it off my face. For the last 2 weeks I've only been applying it once in the morning and once at night. It is so very important to wait AT LEAST 5 MINUTES after applying the on the spot cream before you apply the moisturizer. Let the benzoyl sink in and work w/out interruption for a few mins.

The second week the flakiness was going away and there was a noticible reduction of of large whiteheads on my cheeks and chin. I have been gradually increasing the amount of on the spot cream each week.

Start with just HALF a fingerful. You will still get a little bit dried out at first, but hopefully not excessively. Then as the dry skin begins to come off after the first five days or so, increase it to 2/3 a finger and so on.

The key to making the regimine work is DOING IT RIGHT. You need to do it once in the morning and once at night without fail (Ia have to admit that I missed one evening cleaning because I was out partying and didn't make it home until the next day. Remember to carry your stuff with you when you go out and there's a possibility that you won't make it home that night.) So it wasn't the end of the world, but don't miss one and think it's okay to miss it again! It's very important to stick with it.

So I'm up to nearly two fingerfuls of the cream. I have conquered all of the oily whiteheads and now I'm only dealing with a little bit of redness and swelling where the oil used to be. My skin is still quite sensitive to the benzoyl peroxide. It is a little bit red and dry right now, but I know it will be much better next week. My complexion truly improves each week that I am on the regimine.

This is getting long so I'm going to stop. If you have questions my contact info is in my profile. Good luck everybody! :D

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Stacey! Thanks for posting.

Stacey and I have a good time hanging out and doing the regimen every Thursday. It's been really cool watching her clear up.

Anyway, I'm still looking for other before and after pics. Let me know if you'd like to help out. If you can help with pics, I can help you obtain supplies regardless of where you live.


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I would like to share my experience too since I've been with this Regimen for the 5th week now and I absolutely cleared up. The information noted on the "What To Expect" part is really helpful since it served as my basis for the upcoming weeks. I am from one of the countries which is unfortunately unable to order directly from Dan and ended up looking for the right products from drugstores. I am using Cetaphil brand for cleanser, 5% benzoyl peroxide by Benzac and Celeteque brand for my moisturizer. Since 5% is too much considering that I have a sensitive skin, I've read from here that I may mix together BP and the moisturizer at equal solution so it will not be that concentrated and it worked very well. I am still experiencing minor breakouts which is very minimal and I started The Regimen with moderate acne. I've encountered the 2 types of acne but not never had a nodule or cyst. I find it hard to deal with a big pustule but I just continue doing The Regimen, did not pluck the zit and happy to say that on the first week I visibly noticed the changes. I have an oily skin and because of the nature of my job I woke up at various times. I don't look at the negative side of having an oily skin since I always consider it as a positive thing in my whole life. I stayed away from using make up too but I am still using mascara, lipstick, powder and eyebrow liner which doesn't irritate my face at all. My face flakes a lot in which I take it so positively since it simply means that The Regimen is working for me. I am worried though that on our country we might run out of benzoyl peroxide in 5% solution since they are no longer distributing BP in 2.5% only and my only choice by then would be the one in 10% which is too much for me. I'm sort of disappointed because I was not able to take pictures of the before and after me using The Regimen.

Keep in mind to follow this Regimen precisely as directed by Dan and I assure you that you're on your way to success. If you have a shifting schedule like me, use The Regimen at 10-12 hour interval, get enough sleep, drink vitamins, and eat healthy foods.

Thanks for reading.


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