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Nearing end of Accutane course

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Currently on 80mg Accutane

80kg, male, 16 years old

Hello guys! I’m very confused and need an extreme amount of help. I’m 16 years old and before starting my course I had 1.5 years experience with MILD acne. Anyways, I tried everything from the antibiotics (minocycline, tetracycline, etc) to topicals (differin, retin-a, etc). I had enough of all the hassle of creams and shit like that and decided to go on Accutane. I finally found a doctor that would prescribe me Accutane, she was a pediatrician (child doctor). Since she isn’t a derm she has little or no experience with Accutane. Anyways, she prescribed me Accutane and I have been on it since July 12th, 2006. It was a bumpy ride with dosages, first two weeks I was on 10mg, then a month of 20mg, then like 2.5 months of 40mg then rest of 80mg. It was weird.

I have currently consumed 14200mg of Accutane since July 12, 2006 until now (Mid March).

My max cumulative mg should be 12500mg.


Anyways, I had a breakout mid course or so, but went away within a couple months. At the moment my skin is about 90% or so. I’m getting about 2-3 pimples a week and about every other week I get a papule or something, but no cysts (knock on wood). I still have one month left of Accutane 80mg a day.


1) Seeing how I only have 1 month left of Accutane and am not completely clear, should I ask for another month or anything, if so how much mg? If NOT, should I ask for a topical?

2) Was my dosages correct? I do not feel like she guided me on the right path.

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I would go see a REAL good derm for better advice, and I thought doctor can only prescribe low dosage of Accutane. About your acne, it probably got worst... which is normal since you're only 16.

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In my opinion you should go ahead and finish your course as prescribed - i beleive i have previously calculated your dosage, and your cumulative is plenty high. Even if you haven't completely cleared by then, it is fairly common to continue to improve for a couple months after discontinuation. I personally feel that using a gentle topical retinoid like Green Cream (OTC) or Differin (Rx) is a very good idea post Accutane.

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