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will there ever be a permanent solution to acne scars?

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like a legitimate filler that works or is there a conspiracy by the medical community by keeping us coming back for more and spending more money? It's amazing that there's all these other technical advances; we put a man on the moon but we can't fix acne scars.

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I think if there was a solution then it would be out.

id pay 100k to be honest for my skin to be back to normal.. its not even that bad.. but in the end of a day we can earn more money... id give up 10% of my future earning in a heart beat to have my skin back to normal... hence if there was a solution 'they' could charge what ever they wanted and we would still pay it.. so in the end of the day they are going to get about the same amoutn of money.. for example : $500 X 10 treatments = 5K or 5K X 1 treatment.

If there was such a treatment it would mean their costs would decreases as they would have to purchase less products (presumibly) and less staff.

but dont worry I am, like many others, are hanging for a permenant solution.

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God I dream about this everyday and probably every hour!

I would (almost) do anything to solve this crappy problem I have that nobody around me seems to understand; but then fully inform me how bad my skin is!! :shock:

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