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I just ordered B5 Pills with Time Release. http://www.puritan.com/pages/file.asp?xs=7...008&PID=372

Very Good Deal - 5 Bottles for $14.00 -

I was wondering if anyone has tried B5 Time Released?

Time Released

Some supplements are Time Released. This means that instead of a peak of absorbed in the body, Time Released will make absorption more constant. Some articles say that Time Released does not work as good as it should do. Most people don't use Time Released and most "vitamin B5 for acne shops" do not sell a time released form.

But, according to Don (from acne-vitamins.com), a time-released form of B5 will cause less absorption conflicts with other vitamin B's, and therefore reducing the chance of vitamin B deficiency. So then a time released form is safer when looking at vitamin deficiency. His statements about the time-released form:

Most time-release tablets work by using a coating that resists metabolism by stomach acids, with the contents instead being mostly absorbed in the small intestines, which have a higher rate of absorbance. Conversely, the majority of vitamins absorbed from foods and normal supplements are absorbed in the stomach.

Vitamins are absorbed by receptor molecules, and can compete for absorbance by these molecules. A deficiency could presumably occur if an overabundance of one vitamin out-competes other vitamins for the same type of receptor molecules, especially in the case that these receptor molecules have a higher affinity for said vitamin over others.

By using a time-released supplement, you are actually making the chances of this scenario far less likely. This is due to the fact that competing vitamins are almost always absorbed in the stomach (unless you're taking these in time-released form as well), so there is little concern over direct competition between vitamins for the same receptor molecules. Even if some competition occurs, it's nothing like the sudden flush of vitamin B5 (presumably five times per day) from high-doses of standard B5 capsules, again mostly absorbed in the concentrated area of the stomach. The later scenario is much more likely to result in a crowding-out of receptor molecules.


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I responded to this in other forums and topics, but I HATED the time released. It made my skin worse.

Try amazon.com to search for good prices

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