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Olders Acne sufferer here

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Just read about Aleve and will try it. I am new here and still battling cystic acne. I am stoppiing

all of the androgen herbs I have been taking for other reasons due to the fact that I am reading

they are androgen producers ( gotu-kola, horsechestnut, aloe and particularly fengreek which

I believe is making things worse.) I started with all of these about 2 years ago and that seems

to be when my acne started up again. I will try saw-palmetto which seems to stop androgen

production. Any muccolpolysaccarides seem to do this as well although they are in a topical

scar reducer I bought (sold in Europe called Hirudoid cream) and applied topically soften

scars. (I ordered from e-bay and it really softened and made my scars fade). I don't know

why when ingesting anything with muccopolysaccarides ( aloe juice, green tea, gotu-kola and

fenugreek) made my face a wreck. It's definitely an andogen thing and may go on the pill

soon (yes, they'll still prescribe it at fifty for menstrual cramps) but am looking into which one

since "Yasmin" just made me fat as a horse. Any feedback here? I don't think it's an estrogen

problem because I think those levels are dropping by now and my acne ist still going strong.

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Hello and welcome to the boards. Just wanted to say that I took Dianette (Diane 35) for a few years and found that very helpful whilst I was on it, so you my want to try that. When I came off though my face exploded. Hopefully you will find something successful soon.

P.S. there are a few of us that last saw our teens a few years ago. Check out the thread "I feel reaalllly old on this site"!

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I'm 31 and soon to turn 32 in the summer and I still have acne. I've come to realize that if you think you have a hormonal problem, like I do (acne, facial fuzz, thinning hair, etc.) you have to treat it with hormonal medication to balance it out. I've tried diet and supplements and it didn't help. I'm now back on spiro and praying for a miracle. I'm tired of giving acne so many years of my life...time to start living!

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