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ANyone know what type of scarring i have?

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i posted under accutane too and this is relevant

please take a look at


and let me know what type of scarring i have.

i finished my accutane treament for 4 months now and i've been off for 30 days..i now have scarring and redness....

Can anyone tell me what type of scarring i have? and

what should i use(microdermabrasion, creams?)

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Hello Stovetop!

It looks like you have hyperpigmentation (redness) with a few atrophic (indented) scars--which look like ice picks. Since you just finished taking accutane, I'd definitely wait six months to a year before you start anything aggressive.

Microdermabrasion is an option for hyperpigmentation, although it's costly. Most people can achieve the same results with a series of peels for a fraction of the cost. Also, wear plenty of sun screen, as the sun can darken hyperpigmentation spots and make them appear worse.

Wishing you the best of luck. - MissP

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big fella,

From what I can tell you have a few ice pick... though the ones around your chin look like box scars and the rest around ur checks will be mostly rolling.. though i suspect some will be wide shallow ice pics.

rolling scars = good with fraxel.

ice pick = good with TCA cross but not great... also excersion then TCA cross would be the way to go for them.

THOUGH, can i can stress it enough i wait and see what happens with them.

hope i helped mate.

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It's funny that you replied to Doddlin yesterday, "your scar should not be worried about...at least your complexion looks decent. and i don't really see any acne" when the same could be said about your situation! You are lucky in that you are still young, your skin is still changing, and your acne scarring is very mild, all things considering. (Of course, that's easy for me to say... uh?)

Anyway, I would recommend to you (as I would recommend to my own son) to sit tight, maybe try the AHA souffle by Alpha Hydrox and a good moisturizer on top of that at night, and always apply an SPF moisturizer during the day, and be thankful that your acne has cleared up. You look great!

Good luck,


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