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Please List your ALL TIME FAVORITE products that you used

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Someone wanna help me figure out why those image tags aren't working? Hmm...

I never really had a preference for the lotion I used, as they all worked just fine. The only products I really, really had a preference for had to do with my lips.

Aquaphor is a godsend, and it has been the solution to dealing with lip problems. I slather it on at night before bed, and sometimes during the day when I'm in my room and not going out, and it completely takes care of the lip dryness.


For when I'm out and about, I use Blistex Lip Medex. It's the only chapstick-esque product that has worked to keep my lips in amazing condition.


So, Aquaphor at night, Blistex Lip Medex during the day. AMAZING! I even use them when I'm not on Accutane, because they keep my lips so soft. :wub:

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all of these products works perfectly for me

Dryness -----> Impruv moisturizer

Washing ----> Cetaphil gentil cleaner

Exzema on hand and arms ------> Hydrocortisone 1%

Bit of urticaria on the face -----> Hydrocortisone 1%

Shaving -----> Bioterm for sensitive skin (worth every $$)

Lips ------>original Lipsyl

REDNESS / FLUSHING :evil: ---> have not tried anything special..i'm just hoping it will leave after tane

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washing: Johnson and Johnson head-to-toe body wash

night moisture: emu oil

day moisture: neutrogena healthy defense spf 30

Lips: vaseline

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Moisturizer-Chanel Hydromax+serum (this was AMAZING-my skin didn't flake at all over the 6 month course)


Eyes-Blinc eyedrops

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aquaphor by far for the lips. i know it usually comes in that big tube...BUT i have the travel size ones that are about the size of a carmex tube and you can carry it anywhere and use it all the time. i completely SWEAR by it!!

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Cleanser - QV Wash - fowming as opposed to the Cetaphil Cream Cleanser (just like fowming face washes better)

Moisturiser - Night - Cetaphil (great stuff)

Day - Ego Daily face sunscreen with moisturiser

Lips and inside of nose - Paw Paw pointment lathered on at night and whenever during the day

Eyes - Refresh Liquigel Eyedrops

Body Qv Wash and QV Lotion

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Aquaphor...I love the feeling of it on my lips. My lips and skin never got that dry, but I love that stuff....I used it even now that I'm off 'tane.

I actually started to like the Cetaphil Lotion. I used it about every other day or so.....my skin stayed nice and supple....no dryness or flakes.

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