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asian skin, smoothbeam and IPL (fotofacial).

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I have read in the smoothbeam section that it has happened that asian people who've had smoothbeam have had blisters/hyperpigmentation and some other side effects. I would very much like a go at smoothbeam because I think it might help my scars, but I'm very afraid of more scarring.

When I had IPL done more than a year ago to help some hyperpigmentation spots, I was assured by the derm that there would be no side effects. However, I blistered at the third treatment and this caused MORE hyperpigmentation as well as some shallow scarring. A year and a half later, the hyperpigmentation is still there and worse than before I had the IPL and the dermatologist refuses to acknowledge that she caused this. I am still trying to alleviate this hyperpigmentation today and also the new shallow scars. I am very pissed at myself because I think the hyperpigmentation was slowly getting better on its own before I had the IPL.

ANYWAY, I would like to use smoothbeam for some scars I've had but am afraid of a similar occurrence. I am wondering what settings people've had the smoothbeam on when it might've caused blisters or other problems.

Basically, I'm taking an informal poll of which settings caused problems especially with asian (olive-ish) skin. (or if anyone has this kind of hyperpigmentation--I assume it's like my skin got burnt from the IPL and so it's similar to a burn scar--how I might fix this)

Thank you.


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I would like to know whether or not you are chinese. Yea, i understand what you are trying to say . The majority of US derms try to protect themseleves by claiming your mishaps as a cause of something else.Their unethical and irresponsible judgements are pathetic really pathetic indeed. But it just somewhat comes to my surprise that u got more shallow scars and hypigmentation after 3 IPL treatments. As far as i know , IPL is widely used in a lot of south east asian countries . I am wondering if i should go for intense pulse light at a lower setting . My major problem is acne scars because of the use of accutane , and minor problems are wrinkles on my forehead due to extensive exposure to the sunlight . Actually , i have red marks ,, too and , i believe, they are attributable to the use of accutane as well. I am not sure what treatment is the safest for improving my all three problems. thank you

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Yes, I am Chinese. I went to a chinese dermatologist because I thought she might know my skin better and so was better prepared for problems such as hyperpigmentation, etc. IPL does seem to be widely used. I don't know. I had three treatments. The first two didn't do very much, so maybe she set it higher and it ended up being too high. I don't believe IPL does anything for scars. I knew that going in and was doing it for hyperpigmentation. but I ended up worse. So i'm not sure what to say. I really think smoothbeam could help some of my scars and that's why I would like to give it a shot.

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