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Has anyone been prescribed only 10mg of accutane?

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My doc jus tgave me a scrpit for 10 mg. I'm not sure if he's going to raise it when I see him in a few days, but if he doesn't what's the deal with this low dose? I just read that overseas accutane is prescribed at low doses for longer periods of time. I actually would mind this, because Im frightened of the side effects.

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Yeh I did for a long time too...So i hoping that 20mg does the trick. Cause on 10mg...i had no dryness what so ever...except my lips. But my face wasn't dry at all. So I'm hoping for nice skin in a month or less!!

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hey guys...

if your derm prescribes you accutane at a low dosage it means that they care for you. This is why:

The reason they prescribe it low at first is so ur body can adjust to the medication. I started at 10 mg for the first week, then 20mg for the second, then 40mg for the 3rd and now 60mg for the 4th week. Starting low to high allows ur body to adjust to the medication. This will stop crazy breakouts that most people get.

But..some of you guys are like staying on 20mg. That is too low for treatment. Your max point is prescribed based on your weight. If your taking 20mg then you probably way less then 90lbs. I have my derm appointment this week and im sure im gonna be up to 80 mg of accutane, cause i weight 155lbs.

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I agree with JayC. However, 20mg is now a low dose IF you don't have severe cystic acne. It'll take longer to work though. 10mg is normal, he'll probably raise your dose soon, for #1 your initial breakout won't be so bad, #2 your body will get used to it, and #3 side-effects won't be bad (read those backwards, lol).


BTW: JayC 80mg a day for 155lbs is HIGH.

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