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can cocoa butter heal old stretch marks?

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Hey everyone,

I've had stretch marks on my lower back since I hit puberty and for a while they looked like I've been whipped or sliced horizontally. But now I think its been better since I'm chubbier now (or bigger) and my skins grew or gotten looser.

I just wanted to know if buying this cocoa butter stuff will help my stretch marks if I apply it every morning.

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No nothing can do anythign for stretch marks. Get a tummy tuck or something to tighten the skin makes them less noticable. Lasers work if the scars are red, but only to make them turn white or skin tone. Many weight lifters have them but they show up as nothign more than lines that are not tanned. The problem is losing weight makes them look loose and gross. Best procedure is a tummy tuck or muscle tone to make them appear less noticable. Once the skin is tight again body makeup and self tanners will work to make them almost unoticable.

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ive heard many success stories of people fading stretch marks. im sure you will find the right information if you keep looking. good luck and move forward catiously. take care!

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I saw a laser on some drs website called coolbeam maybe? not exactly sure, cool something that faded stretch marks but it was expenisve, like 3000, but the before and after pictures showed good results.

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2007 clinical study for fraxel showed 50-75 percent improvement. i posted info on fraxel thread.

google "fraxel" and "stretch marks" there are some doctors websites showing pics with really great improvement. not just fading but healing of stretch marks. i posted links to them on fraxel thread months ago.

people who say there is nothing you can do are wrong. they used to be right. but now fractional laser resurfacing is here. they are just not up on the latest technology.

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