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17/m/5'9/152lb - thursday, 3/22/07. Accutane.

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Well, tonight will be the first time I take accutane. :dance: I'm really nervous and excited. I'm on 40mg a day for 6 months. I've had acne problems since I was 14 so it's time for a change. I will keep this updated everyday if possible. Wish me luck :).

Edit - Took my first pill, about to shower and go sleep. Bye.

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hey there Mr 100.. thanks for dropping by my log as you start your magical mysterious journey called accutane.. feels good to pop the first pill i know, you have a good nights sleep i recall, all warm and cosy and assured..

make sure you got a nice gentle cleanser, decent moisturiser, and some balm for your lips.. some vit e and fish oil tablets wouldnt go astray..believe me i've neglected fish oil and my backs pretty sore the last few days..

take your tabs with some essential fatty acids- your biggest meal of the day basically, and take care of yourself really.. just reitorating some essential stuff you most likely already know.. the best of luck, sun.

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40mg a day

No real signs of accutane kicking in yet :rolleyes: . Just took my second pill after eating dinner. Good night.

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Day 3

Well, today is the third day since starting accutane and I have a headache :wacko: . I'm not sure if it's from accutane but it really hurts. My neck feels hot and my forehead feels hot, so my mom gave me some tylenol. My face is less oily than usual so that's good, my lips aren't dry. I haven't had any breakouts so I guess that's good :shifty: . I guess that's about it. Bye.

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Day 4

Woke up today and my face was RED!! Took a shower and it calmed down a little. I can definitely feel accutane working. My face is getting a little better, I'm just wondering when the IB is going to happen. My headache went away but I still feel a little pain. This week has gone by really slow for me. It's only day 4 and it seems like it's been a month. :doubt:

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