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What's Your Fav Perfume?

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D&G Light Blue, Victoria's Secret Pink, and Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise are my favorites.

YES! I just went perfume shopping last night and got Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue. True niftiness.

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I'm in love with Marc Jacobs Perfume. Best perfume I've smelled in quite awhile.

Lately I've been intrigued with Tom Ford Black Orchid. I picked up a sample but I have yet to wear it.

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Chanel Cristalle (Eau de Parfum version) works really well with my chemistry. Very elegant.

I found this description of it online:

deeper, more complex fruity floral. Mandarin and peach softened the impact of the lemon, the green notes were toned down, and the jasmine and other floral notes (including lily of the valley and iris) became the focal point. The base notes are warmer and richer, and as you might expect, it has much greater lasting power than the Eau de Toilette.
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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (a must have!)

Amazing Grace by philosophy (a must have!)

Allure by Chanel (for those nights when i want to feel AND smell sexy!!! :badgrin: )

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okay, so i like to change my perfume according to the season... this spring i am doing Miss Dior Cherie and i freaking love it. there is an amazing note of crushed strawberry leaves that i am crazy about, a barely-there caramelized popcorn note and of a course strawberry fruit note. the floral component has a lot of orange blossom and jasmin.

another awesome spring scent that layers really well with miss dior cherie is Pacifica Nerola Orange Blossom. it's a pure orange blossom fragrance, very light and extremely fresh.

however, my perfume bottle leaks whenever i spray... anybody know how to fix it? i want to take it on the plane with me next month but kind of worried it will empty into my luggage.

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my favorites are

lucky you. i wear it nearly every day

davidoff sp cool water. i used to wear it all the time because a guy i liked :wub: loved it but his ex girl friend wore it all the time so i try not to wear it lol but that was like 4 years ago and i don't have much of it left.

i love ck one for just casual days

used to wear curious brittany spears but it don't last too long

for guys

that same guy wears something from abercrombi sp that i absolutely love! i could drowned in it :wub: lol I still like him and i think he is starting to like me! :pray:

and i like cool water for men

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I really enjoy Amber from the Body Shop, which is a light but fresh men's cologne.

My favourite women's fragrance changes, but more recently I like EL Sensuous and (maybe you know which one) a small, pink-coloured perfume by Dior. The bottle is a squre glass cube.

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