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What's Your Fav Perfume?

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I like flowery perfumes ....

For everyday hacking around, I love Happy In Bloom (Clinique) and White Musk (Body Shop.) They are light, fun fragrances that don't last long and make me happy :)

For going out, I love Vera Wang (the original fragrance) and Estee Lauder Beautiful.

I just smelled Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom the other day and it's now on my wish list. Also toying with the idea of going back to my old love, Estee Lauder Private Collection again...

I must be a perfume-aholic. LOL.

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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (a must have!)

Amazing Grace by philosophy (a must have!)

Allure by Chanel (for those nights when i want to feel AND smell sexy!!! :badgrin: )

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perfumes i have LOVED

Samsara by guerlain (cant beleive nobody said it) ck one of course as well as XS

right now i am boycotting floral perfumes cuz they are too common and a lot of them smell fake

i have Ginger root by roger and gallet

and Seqoia by soliflores

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THE ONLY THING that really sucks is that britney spears curious doesnt last.. even like 1 hour.. its gone.. wish it stayed on.. i can barely smell it a lil while after i apply.

does anyone know how to make that scent last longer? if so.. telll us

sorry fantasy not curious..

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When I used to wear commercial brands, my favorites were: Alfred Sung's Shi, Kenneth Cole's Black, Paul Sebastian's Casual, and Gucci's Envy.

I am starting to make my own and experimenting.

For a natural scent, I like Violet Essential Oil.

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This may sound crazy but my favorite since "olden days" is Toujour Mois. :dance: It is cheap and can be bought at Walgreens. When I wear it I always receive compliments and people asking me what it is. I have very expensive perfumes but rarely get complements. Don't figure!

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I'm a guy but my favorite female perfumes are: Paris Hilton for Woman, Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, Escada, Just Me by Paris Hilton, Heiress by Paris Hilton, With Love.. Hilary Duff, Chanel N.5, Juicy Couture, Davidoff Cool Water, YSL Opium, and many more.

My favorite colgoens are: Clinique Happy for Men, Himalaya by Creed, Paris Hilton Just Me and Heir by Paris Hilton, Black by Kenneth Cole, Abercrombie&Fitch Fierce.

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creme bouquet by stila

it smells like something i would EAT haha it's amazing.

and prada just the original scent..i'm not sure what it's called?

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I have both Thierry perfumes and they are quite different. Angel is strong musky and very heavy. Alien is very very light and almost a mix of fruity and floral. I personally smell horrible in the light stuff so Angel has been a staple for me for years.

However for sex in a bottle, it has to be Ghost in the purple crescent moon bottle. Turns so dark on me, I love it. Not for everyone though, try it first before buying.

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all the perfumes i have are gifts

perry ellis Portfolio

Diors J'adore

Hugo Boss

(some cheap one by addias)

Este lauder Beautiful


Jennifer lopez's still

Givenchy;s irresistable

and one i bought for my self (yes for the first time ever) Este Lauder;s Pure white Linen its like flowery clean scent loving it so far.

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