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ahhhhh just need little vent about my hate for acne.

I suffered from moderate acne throughout my teens..finally at the age of 19 I thought I had solved it, no new spots for months, was amazing, never took that for granted...everyday I was thankful for my clear skin.

BUT suddenly a few months ago my spots started slowly returning, now, 4 months on and my acne is the worst it's ever been...My skin is a complete mess, I spent so long getting rid of all those red marks and now i'm left with a hundred more, only this time it's proper scars, my cheeks and chin are full of dents, when I smile all I feel is the cysts around my jawline =( I'm devestated. The treatment which worked for me before has no effort anymore. My doctor has put me on dianette which is suppost to help severe acne, I've been taking it for months and theres no change so far...if anything it's got worse.

I'm meant to be an adult, how can anyone take me seriously when I'm covered in acne??!!! How can I face my job interviews in a couple of months time with a face FULL of massive cycts and scars?! I'm nearly finnished college and my work is seriously suffering because of this. I've stopped going out so much as it's a big effort to put make up on to cover it up..if I leave the house without make up then everyone stares and makes comments.

I'm scared that this is now going to be a life long battle!! sorry to sound so negative but if I have to deal with this stuff every time I look in the mirror then theres no point in existing. :redface:

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ifits just coming back then be proactive and try to deal with it right away.

It sounds like a lot of it is hormonal by the way you described it..

There is a point in existing! You just said you are almost finished with college and you have your whole life ahead of you and you can't let acne define who you are.

just read around these boards for products that might help you. I have a great hormonal acne routine that I do-it's posted in the regimen logs.

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