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Intralesional steroid injections--what exactly do they help?

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I've heard of these injections for cysts and for hypertrophic scar tissue. Do these basically work to flatten out any and all lumps, be they of scar tissue, pus, etc? Is there any sort of bump that they won't help? I ask because I have this recurring lump, at the base of one scar--I have been referring to it as a "growth." It's not red or painful, but keeps coming back. I don't think it's filled with any sort of fluid or anything, but somehow I don't think it's just a hypertophic scar. I have this idea that its like excess collagen or lipid material (maybe both of those things count as scar tissue, but none of my other scars are like this at all). So, I'm wondering if I received a small injection would it work. I wouldn't want to risk the atrophy that can sometimes be involved if I can't be reasonably positive that this might help. Any info would be great. Thanks


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Hi Leo,

Steroid, cortisone, or Kenalog injections act as anti-inflammatories and can cause tissue atrophy. This is good if you have a raised scar as it can reduce the tissue mass to bring it level with the rest of your skin. I had a keloid on my chest which two cortisone injections totally flattened. However, the risk is that you can cause too much atrophy and then wind up with a sunken scar. I think this happens sometimes to people when they have a cyst injected. They cyst might have gone away on its own or with lancing but the cortisone causes the tissue to deteriorate and what is left is a depression.

Isn't it funny how these words link:

DEPRESSION: state of mind and skin

SCAR and scared


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