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Oils, vitamins, supplements etc all that stuff

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Hey everyone,

This is the first time I post/read up on this section of the forum and it's all very interesting but I'm confused :wacko:

I'm just getting over a bad breakout (for the last 6mths or so) and my main problem right now is comedonal acne. I'd say my case is very mild but that's because I've got it under control with a retinoid and BHA. Right now I'm looking to add something to my regimen but I'm just so confused as to what would work best for me. I'd say my acne is mainly hormone-related but I can't totally be sure since this breakout came out of nowhere.

Fish oils, borage, lecithin, EPO, flaxseed I mean the list goes on and on which is the best?! I know that's hard to answer but what has been the most successful for all of you? I just started taking EPO on the weekend and I have NO IDEA how many to take. It's the Life brand. Can i take it with something else? I wanted to buy fish oil but I had no clue which to choose from...salmon, cod etc etc . It's all very confusing and I just want to make sure I'm taking enough of whatever I'm taking, lol, and that I'm taking the right one (or two) for me.

How long should you give it before you start to see some improvement?

Thanks for your help....

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If you have a wee bit of money, I'd suggest you go to a Homeopathic Physician. They will test for deficiencies and allergies.... They will also give you just the right supplements for your body (plant enzymes, certain vitamins, probiotics, Omega 3-6-9...)

They will also help you plan out your diet. This is all for about $280 (the session lasts 2 hours). After that, they meet with you ever 2 weeks to see how you are doing..and each visit is about $45. They test your urine, saliva and hook you up to an EKG machine each time.

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a combination of cutting out simple carbs and taking several tablespoons of fish oil a day resulted in a nice improvement in my oil production and whitehead occurence in about 2 months

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